Five Apple iPhone 5 advantages over the Samsung Galaxy S4

“The tech world is all abuzz about the ever sharpening face-off between Apple’s flagship iPhone 5 and Samsung’s new Galaxy S4,” The Stabley Times writes. “From a distance they look perhaps similar, leaving customers unsure of what to make of the two models.”

“While the salespeople in stores like Best Buy and Radio Shack tend to be the kind of technology enthusiasts who are all too eager to steer you toward their preferred S4, their reasons for doing so may not match up with reasons mainstream consumers care about [spiffs],” The Stabley Times. “So in the interest of presenting the other side of the argument, here are five advantages the iPhone 5 has over the Galaxy S4.”

Five Apple iPhone 5 advantages over the Samsung Galaxy S4:
• Screen quality
• Battery life
• Music
• App Store
• Compatibility

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  1. What about:

    Physical build quality
    OS quality
    Component quality
    Customer Service quality
    Warranty quality
    Support quality
    User quality


    To name a few others…

    1. I was in Sam’s Club yesterday to get a car battery and I took the opportunity to check out the cell phones. I wanted to get a first-hand look at the Galaxy Note II and the more recent Galaxy S models.

      The first thing that I noticed is that the iPhone 5 was the only device that was active and allowed you to interact with the device (flipping pages, etc.). Th Samsung devices were dormant with a fake display graphic. That killed my plan of actually comparing graphics quality. So I focused on the size and utility of the devices. From my perspective, the Note II is more of a niche device for those people who desire a handheld computer more than a compact phone. You can hold it in one hand quite easily, but I think that most people would find it cumbersome to tote around, especially in your pocket. The iPhone and Galaxy S series are more classic cell phones. The iPhone is clearly the more elegant and compact device. But I could easily envision a larger version of the iPhone with a 4.5″ or so display that would likely sell quite well. In fact, I could see Apple selling several versions of the iPhone with displays ranging from the size of the current iPhone 5 to something in the range of the Galaxy S4 to a phablet in the range of the Note II. The latter model could be either a large iPhone or a small iPad, depending on Apple’s marketing strategy. If (when?) Apple decides to include full connectivity in all of its mobile devices, then that distinction becomes of secondary importance. The iPhone/iPad experience would bridge the size/display range from 3.5″ to 9.7″ with versions at 4″, 4.5″ or so, 5″ to 5.5″, and 7.9″. That would be six models, five if you ditch the old 3.5″ (3:2) form factor and start with the elongated 4″ iPhone 5 display as the base.

      Apple started out the iPod with just one model, but eventually differentiated the iPod lineup with great success. I don’t know why some people are so strongly against a similar approach for the iPhone. Apple designers could maintain a lot of component commonality between these iPhone models to keep manufacturing costs under control. And consumers would be able to make a reasonable, but limited choice between models to suit their needs.

      It seems reasonable to me, anyway.

      1. I don’t know about that… If there’s one thing Apple tries to avoid, it’s Buyer’s Remorse.

        The iPods are very different from one another. Different user interfaces for the most part. You know which one you want and why.

        Apple seems to take a different approach, focusing on pixel density, etc., rather than just making different sizes of the same thing.

        Who knows though, they may take the plunge and do it… Just seems unlikely. I have yet to hear someone say “I wish my iPhone was bigger”.

    2. I’m fairly certain none of those intangibles matters to Wall Street because they can’t readily be measured. From past observation, it’s only important how many iPhones Apple can sell which relates to global market share. If Apple doesn’t sell as many smartphones as Samsung, it will be seen as Apple losing in smartphone dominance and Apple stock will continue lose value. Highest sales numbers appears to determine the winning company in regards to value. I’m going to closely watch Apple’s financial call for last quarter to see if I’m right about that.

  2. 7) Upgradability
    — Android is troubled with development issues
    — no guarantee the S4 will get an upgrade to the OS

    8) 3-6 month cycle of new models
    — outdates faster, obsolete, dead-end device

    9) riddled with viruses & security vulnerabilities
    — all I can say is protect your data (pins & credit info) and good luck

  3. Why can’t we have all those good stuff that MDN and everyone else has listed, AND ALSO Samsung’s larger screen size? Why must it be either or. I want both.

    1. That’s what tablets are for. It’s a phone, I don’t believe a 6 inch phone screen is optimal. Good luck getting that thing in and out of your pocket.

    2. I am a medium build 5 10″ man, I find it lucky that iPhone 5 is just “thick” and “big” enough for me to carry with in my jeans and pants pocket, while allowing my wallet and keys be along without my need to spread them around other apparels or bag. Yet and yet… You don’t feel that stuffed feeling on your thigh.

      And to do thing on it single-handedly? Yes. I need that too occasionally and am glad it is designed with great details.

      Oh and oh, Siri and the UI? Any Android phone can compare? They can only claim they “have” similar features. They “HAVE” the “FEATURES”. That’s all.

      Btw, how long after iPhone5 has been on released before Samsung Galaxy S4 is available?

  4. After using a Galaxy S3 for 6 months I can definitely say that email is much better on the iPhone. That said, I much prefer Android’s ability to assign default apps for tasks (like Chrome for browsing etc) and quick access to settings like wifi, bluetooth etc.

  5. They should make a 5″ iPhone with a honking huge and I mean humongous battery that will last 3 days without charging even if it means a thick, fat iPhone. I don’t care. As long as I don’t have to keep it permanently attached to the power cord just to play a couple of games on it, that would be fantastic.

    Don’t make it suck, Apple.

    1. Well you could get a ‘mophie juice pack’.

      If that doesn’t suffice, perhaps just plugging your iPhone into you car cigarette lighter would do. I wouldn’t particularly recommend it, but preferably while parked in a closed garage with the car running wouldn’t hurt (us).

      Then there is the option of just sticking the USB into the side of your head. There has to be enough lead there for the Energizer Bunny to bang his drum for years. However, maybe you should consult with the Aflac Duck before you do.

    2. What I love about Apple is they don’t try to cater to the niche. They leave that up to 3rd parties. Like people say why doesn’t Apple build a key board like the surface, because there giving someone else the opportunity to make money.

      1. I am somewhat confused – several folks have mentioned Apple DOES NOT catering to the niche. On the contrary, THAT IS EXACTLY what APPLE has always done. All products start off as these insanely incredible products that slide into a unthought of tiny category that other companies seem to have over looked. The success of its products become so fantastically popular; due to the quality and brilliance, that we all forget about the niche once was.

        “Niche market, a focused, targetable portion (subset) of a market sector.” iPhone was targeted at a 1% worldwide goal for Apple. Achieving that goal was exceeded far beyond expectations… and there seems no limit as to where and how amazing iOS take us next.

        1. You’re both half right.

          Apple does not cater to the niche, nor do they make products that ‘cater’ to anyone in particular.

          Apple discovers the overlooked or unthought-of way to do things better, and builds to that model. And suddenly what was a “niche” (because of the very few visionaries among us) is suddenly “of course it should be done that way.”

          THAT is what makes Apple great. Not the products. The vision.

          1. Apple makes the same phone 4 times and gives it a new number, and a letter. No major changes are made from phone to phone. I phone 4 to 4s….3 to 3g,then to 3gs. Now 5 and 5s on the way….. Rediculous.

  6. @breeze!! U CANT BE SERIOUS? Warranty better with Apple u think? Unless you live in Australia where Apple believes they are above the law and don’t fix a thing. Lets compare that to Samsung who will send a courier too your door, take it away, repair it and courier it back in 5 days. Component quality as well you believe. Is it not Samsung that now manufactures close to 83% of all micro chip in every category. Whens the last time u looked in side a Bang & Oufson Amp. OH< YEA U SAY OS quality. Whens the last time u tried too blu-tooth from apple to any other device on the planet with 100% success. Or transferring a file between phones that aint Apple. Oh and those of u who keep crapping on that they have had the S3 for 6 months and cant wait to go back too Apple are fulla crap. Soon as I switched from iphone 4 to Samsung s2 long ago I haven't looked back. That and the fact I don't get screwed every 5 mins to purchase apps, or adapters or any other crap Apple force u to buy. Iphone is out dated, boring, and the main reason the Apple fanboy base is still large is simply because they have been screwed over for so many years with the purchase of adapters, docks systems and all the other crap they brain dead Apple fan paid ten times too much for that they would never consider leaving Apple because all the crap lying on their floors, in cupboards ect has left them financialy screwed. Apple fans remind me of that old fella living down the street who bought a set of speakers 20 years ago and still believes they sound better than what u can get now. That thing u call a phone is as usefull as my 1970 calculator. Get with the times.

    1. You’re just an idiot, Crikeym8. The accessories don’t keep us tied to Apple. If anything, it’s a complaint that even some Apple fans have! If you knew anything about what you were talking about, you would know that Apple changed the connector on the iPhone 5 and new iPad. We’re not locked in by Apple. We stay with Apple because their products are simply infinitely better.

      1. And, by the way, I have a pair of speakers in my living room that is 30 years old and the they do, in fact, sound better than 99% of what’s on the market today. I listen to vinyl, broadcast radio, and iTunes through them but that’s irrelevant to this argument. The iPhone uses the latest chip, display, and battery technology. It has the best design and build quality of any consumer technology on the planet. But thanks for playing.

          1. I still have the original Thiel CS2’s that I bought back in ’83. I don’t know if they sound any better or worse than what’s currently available because they sound fucking great!

            1. Prolly not as good as my old JBL 4311Ws. I love them. Connected to my similar vintage Luxman 350 watt receiver that also kicks asp. LPs are the best. Most have outlasted their CD counterparts and will still be played 100 years from now. CDs are slowly dying. Some stopped playing years ago. Oh and for Apple, got away from Macs years ago and only recently rediscovered them when I traded an obsolete Corei7 straight up for a 13″ Macbook Pro Corei5. Don’t know why it took me so long to come home.

    2. Crikeym8. You’re showing signs of dimentia androidia samsungia. This is what happens when one becomes deluded by media hype and ScamScum TV ads and purchases a ScamScum phone. Then out of utter disappointment in themselves for wandering off into chintz land they begin to lash out at those who bought the one they should have in the first place…Apple.

    3. Why are you here ? Is it to bait apple users or are you really this dumb. Honestly I don’t get this fanatical crap about a bloody phone for gods sake.
      They are PHONES not a religion. I like my iPhone, get heaps of functionality and it never goes weird as the the GS3 I had last year (work phone). It would crash quite a lot, mainly with apps going spastic. After a month of farting about with this thing I took it to a phone shop and got the sim card cut and put it my iPhone. My work got the GS3 swapped out but it made no difference. I believe it was the fragmentation of android was the main problem, apps that worked on a HTC crashed on the Samsung taking the whole thing out.
      I reject android as it is clunky, unstable (compared to the iPhone) feels like junk an has worse battery life especially if widgets are used.
      Android itself reminds me of windows, all over the place and unstable to the point making me very annoyed.

    4. Bluetooth, yeah well, my Bluetooth keyboard works, and my portal of power for skylanders works. No problems there.

      Transferring files just a email away.

      Force you to buy, I haven’t had any Apple bodyguard force me to buy anything. What alternate universe you live in?

      Let’s see, I use my Apple phone daily, iPad daily, AppleTV daily, Mac computers twice or more a week. My uses her phone daily and iPad mini daily. My daughter uses her iPad daily and none are left in cupboards.

      Just because you like crappy products, and want to share with other crappy products, so be it.

      I have 1001 ways why Apple products are great, what about you?

    5. I forgot to mention. Your comment on Blue Tooth compatibility is bunke. Go read the reviews on BlueTooth compatibility with devices. Unless you’re talking about some cheap poorly designed junk product that claims to be BlueTooth. If you want to ensure BlueTooth compatibility you have to read the system requirements for the device. Up until recently, you couldn’t sync an Android phone to a car stereo. It’s somewhat better now.

    6. The proof that you are correct is all in these other responses, people don’t get pissed like that when you’re wrong, they’re pissed because you are 100% right.

  7. 16 Apple iPhone 5 advantages over the Samsung Galaxy S4
    1) Screen quality
    2) Battery life
    3) Music
    4) App Store
    5) Compatibility
    6) Physical build quality
    7) OS quality
    8) Component quality
    9) Customer Service quality
    10) Warranty quality
    11) Support quality
    12) Upgradability
    13) Obsolescence Resistance
    14) Security
    15) Higher resale value
    16) Cool Factor

    Compiled from above comments with a couple of mine… And there’s surely more

    1. Not here to start a war, but I did stumble upon this article and I am an android user.

      I’m not sure how you can substantiate the following, perhaps you could enlighten me to making a better a decision on my next purchase:
      1. Screen Quality
      2. Battery Life
      3. Compatibility

      I can’t comment on the component quality, customer service, warranty or support quality since I’ve neither had a problem with my Galaxy s2 to date, nor with my ipod touch.

      I won’t delve into the Andoid vs. ios debate, I’ll put it down to a matter of personal preference. If you’re a tech person I would say android is likely better, if you prefer something simpler then I would say ios is better.

      1. Nicholas. I just complied the list from comments from everyone else. The only one I added was cool factor, and that’s purely subjective. The reason I even made this post was because there are a number of Apple basher/haters here in a Mac forum. I’ve never measured the color accuracy or distortion, so screen quality is unsubstantiated except that Apple’s Retina Display is always rated at the top of the heap. Doesn’t mean other screens aren’t good though. Battery Life I don’t have the data right now. As for compatibility, iOS will always be the most compatible because Apple is the most meticulous in controlling software interfaces

        1. And I’m not against anyone choosing an Android OS based product. That’s what the free market is all about. Choices. I am however totally opposed to anyone buy their Android base product from Samsung. They are the antithesis of the free market. They steal money from other corporations by pirating designs and IP. They are the worst offender of any corporation in the electronics industry. If they are allowed to keep operating in the ruthless unconscionable destructive way that they do (and they will as long as people keep buying their products), other companies will either cut their development budgets and steal, or they will eventually drop out of the market because they can’t compete against a company that steals designs that they have paid for. They are one of the worst knock off crooks on the planet. They have stolen designs in every one of their business segments. And for whatever reason, people just et them go on operating the way they do. They put their research and development money into their legal team and advertising trying to get fines reduced and swaying public opinion.

  8. I remain a total Apple fanboy, but after trying out an S3 for several months (just to see what the competition has to offer), I must say that Apple needs to really up its game for the iPhone 6 — the competition is fierce and serious.

    My biggest hope (in addition to all the oft-requested little tweaks, such a easy access to toggles), I want a 5″ screen (or at least an option for one). It makes a huge difference in terms of usability. (And that PR line about being able to reach all parts of the screen with your thumb as justification for the iPhone screen size is really just marketing BS; I did just fine using the S3).

    And while the Apple App store remains significantly better in terms of breadth and quality compared to Amazon Play, that distinction is rapidly disappearing.

    So, fingers crossed that Apple once again sets a bar high enough to make the competition panic.

    1. “I remain a total Apple fanboy, but after trying out an S3 for several months …”

      Not that much of a total Apple fanboy by the sound of it.

      Try looking up words like ‘total’ and ‘remain’, if you actually have access to any Apple devices, it’s a trivial matter to look up definitions of words.

  9. You left out the fact that Apple upgrades its software and so the initial purchase becomes more up to date than the competition.
    I own a 1990 Samsung tv. It’s going to the cottage.

    1. I owned a Samsung TV once (won it, didn’t buy it, 2004 model I think). It broke after two years. Paid $400 to have it repaired (bad warranty). Broke again. Repairman suggested I sell it on Craigslist for $100 for parts because there are a lot of broken ones out there needing overpriced parts. Done. Even for free the thing sucked. Last Samsung product I’ll ever own, if I can help it.

  10. the really sad thing is that although Samsung saved a lot of time (years) and money (tens? hundreds of millions?) on R&D and testing because they STOLE they still can’t build something better.

    you would think with a stolen free foundation they could with their large resources build something to push the envelope but NO, their big breakthroughs are stupid half cooked things like eye movement controller which a reviewer said “causes neck strain as you have to keep your head rock steady to see a movie”.

    you would think since they saved so much on hardware research since they stole from apple and so much from software as they use android (also stolen from apple) they can afford better components etc but they STILL shaft the idiots with plasticky junk ….
    (for android fanboys the court case lost clearly proves that Samsung stole)

    look at the S4 launch presentation, the way it depicts people (its customers) show they have a low regard for them (especially women) — you wince when you watch it — , they probably think people who buy their stuff are the biggest fools…

    Samsung DNA is SET… think about it :
    it they can act dishonourably towards their customer apple and steal from it, why would they act honourably towards their customers who buy their S4s, Notes or tabs?
    personally if I knew a businessman ripped off their biggest customer I would be leery buying from him…

  11. See what I mean, the galacticly brain dead cant see past their own bullshit. What exactly did Apple invent that wasn’t originally manufactured by Samsung. Anyone can draw on a piece of paper and design a super car that flys and picks up women automaticly, but where did the technology come from again?? did the lcd touch screens just develop themselves did they?? or maybe the ram just was in someones bottom draw. Oh the micro ark circuits, who made them again?? Apple invented jack, al the did was put an idea together, companys like Samsung made it happen.

    1. BS. and FUD.
      “E.A. Johnson described his work on capacitive touch screens in a short article which is published in 1965[5] and then more fully—along with photographs and diagrams—in an article published in 1967.[6] A description of the applicability of the touch technology for air traffic control was described in an article published in 1968.[7] Bent Stumpe with the aid of Frank Beck, both engineers from CERN, developed a transparent touch screen in the early 1970s and it was manufactured by CERN and put to use in 1973.[8] This touchscreen was based on Bent Stumpe’s work at a television factory in the early 1960s. A resistive touch screen was developed by American inventor G. Samuel Hurst who received US patent #3,911,215 on Oct. 7, 1975.[9] The first version was produced in 1982.[10]”

      Samsung had not one thing to do with touch screen development. It was developed as an idea a long time ago.
      Also it is interesting to note that apple not samsung has more patents relating to touch screen tech than samsung does. Samsung has more LCD tech patents.

    2. BS. and FUD.
      “E.A. Johnson described his work on capacitive touch screens in a short article which is published in 1965[5] and then more fully—along with photographs and diagrams—in an article published in 1967.[6] A description of the applicability of the touch technology for air traffic control was described in an article published in 1968.[7] Bent Stumpe with the aid of Frank Beck, both engineers from CERN, developed a transparent touch screen in the early 1970s and it was manufactured by CERN and put to use in 1973.[8] This touchscreen was based on Bent Stumpe’s work at a television factory in the early 1960s. A resistive touch screen was developed by American inventor G. Samuel Hurst who received US patent #3,911,215 on Oct. 7, 1975.[9] The first version was produced in 1982.[10]”

      Samsung had not one thing to do with touch screen development. It was developed as an idea a long time ago.
      Also it is interesting to note that apple not samsung has more patents relating to touch screen tech than samsung does. Samsung has more LCD tech patents.

      Also one could say the same thing about samsung as a ton of the components in the S4 and all of there phones are not made or manufactured by them. Snapdragon processors are qualcomms memory controllers are elpida, and I could go on and on, Even the cores in there octo Exynos S4 are stock ARM parts not developed by them with ARMS little big tech (meaning you cant use all 8 cores at the same time, either the 4 a7 for power consumption or 4 ARM a15s for more power, neither is the graphics unit they use which is PowerVR SGX 544MP from imagination technology about the only thing they do is copy well, they have that down pat.

      Hell even the quad core version of the S4 uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 off the shelf processor developed by qualcomm, who uses ARM’s tech to do so and Nvidia’s graphics unit.

    3. Also for your info Samsung did not invent dram (dynamic random access memory)

      Robert H. Dennard invented dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) in 1968; this allowed replacement of a 4 or 6-transistor latch circuit by a single transistor for each memory bit, greatly increasing memory density at the cost of volatility. Data was stored in the tiny capacitance of each transistor, and had to be periodically refreshed in a few milliseconds before the charge could leak away.

    4. So why don’t you, if anyone can? Or is that anyone except you? Or maybe just an efficient and creative company? Or maybe you haven’t a clue what you’re talking about?

      There are some fanboys here, but mainly people who think and have tasted the better product and experience of Apple…you pathetic attempts just make us laugh.
      Oh and we remember how good Shamesung is and how they designed an iPhone clone before the iPhone came out!

    5. Saying Apple didn’t invent the smart phone because Samsung made the chips is like saying Thomas Edison didn’t invent the incandescent light bulb because so,embody else had glass and tungsten laying around. RIDICULOUS. There was no phone in the market place with any level of smarts that performed in a way that people wanted. Until the iPhone. No Apple didn’t invent every aspect of the design, but that’s not what invention is. It’s bringing to practice something novel that didn’t exist before irregardless of whether the stuff inside it or on the surface of it existed before. That!s why the iPhone is recognized as the invention.

  12. “From a distance they look perhaps similar, leaving customers unsure of what to make of the two models.”

    Does this guy need glasses?¡¡¡¡ The Galaxy S4 looks nothing like the iPhone 5

  13. Im a self confessed Samsung Fanboy, but putting that aside I wanted to correct a few inaccuracies

    16 Apple iPhone 5 advantages over the Samsung Galaxy S4
    1) Screen quality

    How does a NON hi def 1136 X 640 resolution screen @ 340 PPI (iPhone 5) come close in quality to a 1920 X 1080 Full HD res screen @ 440 PPI ?

    2) Battery life

    See the tests for your self in the following link (dont forget to click expand to see where the iPhone5 comes) but in short The Galaxy S4 beat the iPhone 5 in both Video playback and Phone Call Talk time, The iPhone 5 won in continuous web browsing

    3) Music
    Google Music Match will match every single song from your iTunes Library and make it available to either stream or download to your android device, This service is free where Apple charge $25 per annum for the same service

    4) App Store

    There is only one Application store loaded on most Android devices, and that is the Google play store, it is excellent and has as many apps as the Apple App store . It has automated systems that run Apps in a virtual environment to see if they are malicious, if they are found to be malicious they are removed both from the store and end user devices.

    However competition is good, and if you choose you can load on the Amazon App store or the Samsung App store, these alternative stores have the same apps at competing prices, with Samsung subsidizing apps for owners of Samsung Phones.

    5) Compatibility

    Samsung make sure that their flagship phones get at least 2 years of Official updates. my OLD Galaxy S2 which came with android 2.3, has just had it’s last update to android 4.1.2, With ALL the new features enabled including Google Now (Googles answer to Siri) where is Siri on the Iphone 4 ?

    6) Physical build quality

    Samsung can’t win them all, but in the UK Samsung give a 2 year warranty where Apple only give 1, so if it does have a build quality issue during the 2 years my contract runs for then samsung will repair it for free !

    7) OS quality

    I don’t have any factual stats for this and can only rely on personal preference, but would like to point out that being able to treat my home screen like a blank canvas and completely personalise it to my taste really makes it MY phone not the manufacturers.

    8) Component quality

    You realise that Samsung Supply Apple with most of their important components right ?

    9) Customer Service quality
    I’ll give you this one aswell, like I said no 1 company can win them all.

    10) Warranty quality
    Please refer to point 6

    11) Support quality
    I must admit having branded shops in every high street with with a team of customer assistants is effective, but it is also expensive, and you Apple guys pay for that with the cost of your products and services

    12) Upgradability

    I call being able to upgrade the Memory or Battery whenever I need it a win for Samsung

    13) Obsolescence Resistance

    The original Author cited a 3-6 month upgrade cycle for Samsung and we are only up to the Galaxy S4, with the Original Galaxy S launching in 2010, by my calculations that is only 1 flagship phone per annum. Unlike the Ipad 3, which became the Ipad 4 after 7 Months.

    14) Security

    There have been breaches on IOS security too, but is IOS more secure, probably yes, but at the cost of freedom of choice, you guys have recently lost App a day ( gave you a free or reduced cost app every day) not because it was a Virus, but because it was denting Apples financials, you are also not geting Facebook home (not that I would want it, but at least I have the choice) because Apple are so controlling.

    15) Higher resale value

    True, but not by much. I just compared a bottom of the range Galaxy S2 with a bottom of the range IPhone 4 and there was $15 difference

    16) Cool Factor
    In the US the iPhone is outselling the Galaxy S by 2:1, making the iPhone the Cool phone to have in the US everywhere else in the Western World the figures are reversed and the Samsung is outselling the iPhone 2:1, so really it comes down to this, in a list of countries in the Western World which are considered cool and which are not !!!

    Because I reckon America lost quite a lot of it’s cool factor quite along time ago.

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