Google suffers two significant setbacks in effort to use Motorola patents against Apple

“Google’s efforts to leverage Motorola’s patents against Apple and Microsoft have gone nowhere so far, and this week it has suffered two significant setbacks,” Florian Mueller reports for FOSS Patents.

“Yesterday a German appeals court suggested to Google that it stipulate to a stay of its push email case against Apple’s iCloud, which is likely going to be ordered now in two weeks’ time, thereby lifting the only injunction Motorola is presently able to enforce against Apple anywhere in the world (it never got to enforce any against Microsoft),” Mueller reports. “Also yesterday, an order entered the electronic docket of a Motorola v. Apple two-way multi-patent case in the Southern District of Florida. The order had been signed the day before (April 9). ”

Mueller reports, “Judge Robert N. Scola denied the parties a jointly-requested case management conference to help them with narrowing the case, and pushed back the claim construction process by approximately four months (likely resulting in a similar delay for the case as a whole, which the order does not address).”

Much more in the full article here.


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