Morgan Stanley analyst: Apple may launch new Internet-based services, ‘killer iOS app’ later this year

“In a note to investors on Thursday, Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty, who recently met with Apple management, said the company could debut new internet-based services as well as a ‘killer app’ later this year,” Mikey Campbell reports for AppleInsider.

“In the near term, Huberty said Apple could make a surprise announcement at the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference in June regarding a new type of internet service such as streaming music or a mobile payment system,” Campbell reports. “She went on to say that Apple Internet Software and Service chief Eddy Cue is believed to be working to improve existing services like iCloud and Maps, but at the same time is planning to launch new initiatives.”

Campbell reports, “As for the app, the analyst offers the example of mobile payments, an area into which Apple has already dipped a toe with Passbook. Such a new feature, Huberty argues, could help drive iPhone 5S sales in lieu of a design overhaul.”

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  1. How disappointing. Katy Huberty spouts the same amount of malarkey when she talks as DigiTimes. Has she ever been right about anything? Perhaps she gets her ideas from DigiTimes and they in turn consult her when they want to make a prediction.

  2. Just some fanciful speculation on my part; but if Apple announced they were creating their own bank & credit card, that would be their middle finger response to Wall Street. Talk about disruptive technology…

    1. @Abrey

      I am praying that you are correct! With the Billions that Apple has they could open their own bank. They already have millions of high credit worthy people with iTunes accounts. Why use credit cards at all, just bill customers direct with the “Apple Credit Card” and I don’t mean an Apple Branded Visa card, I mean a real Apple Card like Discover or American Express–except their own brand.

      This would totally disrupt the banking industry which is the next industry I would like to see get trashed by Apple.

    1. I don’t want this. As soon as they declare themselves a bank, they fall under the banking regulations (or lack thereof). I don’t know all of the actual ramifications, but that added level of oversight and requirements would hold them down, not make things better.

  3. Apple should use a little of its cash to seed app developers. They could take multiple approaches for doing so – challenges, contests, and other competitive means to award the funding. In return, the resulting apps would be OS X/iOS only.

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