Google updates AdMob SDK for Apple’s iOS to drop UDID support

“Google has finally released an update for its AdMob advertising SDK for iOS developers that leaves those reliant on it just three weeks to update affected apps before Apple’s hard deadline for rejecting apps that still use Unique Device Identification (UDIDs) to track app usage and advertising effectiveness,” MacNN reports.

“The new version, 6.4.0, retires the UDID scheme (which had emerged as a potential security and privacy risk that could compromise personal information) and adds support for test ads, along with some bug fixes,” MacNN reports. “The UDID, still widely used in Android app advertising, is favored by marketers because it can be tied to more personal information about the user, since most mobile devices are owned and used individually.”

MacNN reports, “Apple now requires developers and advertisers to use other measures, such as the Vendor Identifier or Advertising Identifier, introduced in iOS 6. The iPhone maker has also barred an alternate version of UDID info gathering known as ‘cookie tracking.’ The Advertising Identifier can be toggled on or off by users, but doesn’t block ads — turning the AdID off simply means the user will receive ads not tailored to his or her preferences and demonstrated interests. The AdID is on by default.”

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