New MacBook models due in June, sources say

“Apple MacBook shipments may only see single-digit growth in 2013, as related upstream component suppliers still have not yet seen any major increases in orders, according to sources from the upstream supply chain,” Aaron Lee and Joseph Tsai report for DigiTimes.

“The orders may increase slightly after Apple releases its new MacBook products at the end of the second quarter,” Lee and Tsai report. “The sources pointed out that Apple’s MacBook Pros have strong attraction to consumers, but the devices’ high prices are instead pushing consumers away.”

MacDailyNews Take: That’s quite the claim. Any proof? None offered that we can see.

Lee and Tsai report, “Apple shipped 13.03 million MacBooks in 2012, up 7.98% on year.”

MacDailyNews Take: Mac sales outgrew those of the PC market for the sixth consecutive year.

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Who’s got less accountability, TV weathermen, Wall Street “analysts,” or “upstream component suppliers cited by DigiTimes?”

There is a pent-up market here. When Apple finally gets around to releasing MacBook Air with Retina display models, sales will go through the roof!


    1. And to paraphrase a Steve Jobs quote:

      What are you doing to change the word besides beotch in your Mums basement? If you are so fasking great at all of this, why don’t you start your own company and show Apple how to make money?

      Otherwise, quitcherbitchin’

        1. That is a penetrating observation. Exhaustive psychological research has demonstrated the persistence of magical thinking on the part of past sports champions. It has been described in the literature of pathology as an entitlement complex, and in Psychometria: Annals 1998-2011, as a delusional disorder treatable with common antipsychotropic medications. Voluntary commitment to a rehabilitation facility is commonplace but in extreme cases intervention may be warranted. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that first amendment protections do not apply to delusional statements of sports fanatics.

  1. Complete and utter BS. Apple is NOT going to risk the back to school business with new computers with new parts , production issues etc. They will ride the current line up until the fall. Why do people publish this stuff?

    1. And you can do better? Just because things aren’t going the way YOU want them to go (whatever your agenda is) you want to fire the man who actually had a very integral part in the stellar growth of Apple. Consider he was actually running Apple long before Steve Jobs passed away.

      So, maybe, just maybe, You ought to get a different job than flipping burgers at Maccas… Or have they not let you graduate to that yet from flinggin’ fries?

      Since you have such a profound capacity to make incredible corporate decisions, maybe you should boot out Cook and take over and show Apple how to make some REAL money.


  2. “When Apple finally gets around to releasing MacBook Air with Retina display models, sales will go through the roof!”

    I don’t think so: the new 13″ MBP w/ Retina have an up-price of $300 over the comparable non-Retina models. The MacBook Airs are already pricey, so when Apple tacks another $300 onto these for the Retina versions, they will appeal only to serious business-class consumers.

    1. Maybe not $300. The 13″ MBP with Retina is $300 more than the non-Retina, but it also has a 128 GB Flash drive where the non-Retina has a 500 GB HDD. Plus you can buy them now for $100 less off. By the time it came out, it might be close to the same price as the non-Retina. That’d be nice.

  3. Just my 2 cents. I have never seen discounts on the latest MacBooks like the ones that are being offered by MacMall. If you are in the market for a Retina Mac you can get nice discounts 300- 800 dollars. That tells me they have more on hand than they thought they would after Christmas.

  4. no worry at all. The Mac (and the rest of the desktop/laptop market) is on a long term decline path since the tablet appeared.

    as long as Apple is solidly in control of the next wave (tablet and mobile computing), they’re doing fine.

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