Purported photos of Apple iPhone 6 prototype with edge-to-edge display, no Home button posted online (with photos)

“The rumour mill is abuzz today as photos of an alleged iPhone 6 prototype have surfaced online, showing what appears to be an iPhone with an edge-to-edge curved display and no Home button,” Ashleigh Allsopp reports for Macworld UK.

“The photos, which were shared by GSMArena on Thursday, closely resemble an Apple patent application that was published by the US Patent and Trademark Office last week, detailing an iPhone with a wraparound display,” Allsopp reports. “It doesn’t look like the display technology is currently present in the prototype, suggesting that Apple could be finalising ways to successfully implement the edge-to-edge screen into the device.”

Apple iPhone 6 prototype?
Apple iPhone 6 prototype?

Allsopp reports, “The lack of a Home button in the photographs could indicate that iOS 7 will have more advanced gesture control functionality. The authenticity of these photographs is questionable, though, and even GSMArena’s source said that he couldn’t swear that they are genuine.”

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    1. From some common spots, what look to be reflections, and an overall blurriness or glare, it looks like it was shot thru a window or glass case.

      FWIW, the design appears to be a mockup rather than a working prototype.

    1. Fake or not, “edge to edge” would provide a significantly larger viewing area without increasing the bulk of the iPhone.

      Because of that single point I could see Apple introducing something like this in the very near future. It would be just like Apple to make a “larger” iPhone, without making a larger iPhone. This tech would be well suited in a next gen iPad Mini as well.

      Think of the patent fights if Apple were to introduce this. Even Judge Koh would have to find in Apple’s favor.

      I would trade my iPhone 5 for it.

  1. The thing looks a bit sharp. As in “cutting my fingers off sharp” when held tight. It also looks slippery, so hopefully it won’t slide off the hand like a wet bar of soap would.

  2. If it went to the edges, how would a protective case work with it? If the volume and other switches were done in the display part of it, a protective case thats usable may be tricky. I really doubt that they would do it this way. Seems to me like I’ve seen that photo before also.

    1. If the screen is made out of sapphire, there will be no need for a protective case. To really be considered protective, the case would have to be made out of diamond. 🙂

  3. I like it. The challenge to case manufacturers is clear though, and wonder if screen protectors would be harder to install or keep attached to a curved display? Seems different and elegant enough design-wise to distance the competition. I always wonder when these prototypes have all the labeling and logos on them… why would someone do that?

    1. Not if there was a centre-back area that was slightly, even imperceptibly flattened, vis-a-vis the overall design curvature. This area (Alaska diamond black) would then deter the rocking and offer a coarser etched or dotted surface for the finger tips to get a grip.

      Given such a feminine design aesthetic it would then be time to introduce what I like to call, ‘The Ladies of Apple’: Jade(green), Ruby(red), Sapphire (blue), Jasmine(yellow), Pearl(white) and Ebony.

  4. I like the way the headline and article here are for next iPhone 6 yet the source article alleged this is the 5S which is absurd since the S models are essentially the second generation of any major generation. So the 5s should look exactly like the 5 with maybe very minor enhancements

  5. Oh, I want one!! Please make it 4,5 inches or so, Jony. As much as I love my iPhone 5, half an inch more would be nice. Size does matter, you know.

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