“According to a new patent filed by Apple, patent application 20130076612, a potential smartphone design could include a full wraparound display and have no buttons,” Charlie Osborne reports for ZDNet. “Enclosed within “transparent housing,” a flexible display panel would be configured to display content at any portion of the gadget’s frame.”

“Potentially, the smartphone could contain up to two AMOLED screens,” Osborne reports. “The use of AMOLED and a conical shape for the flexible panel could offer users ‘an illusion of depth perception […] mimicking a 3D experience.'”

Osborne reports, “The new design relies heavily on flexible display technology, but in order to limit the possibility of damage, the patent describes the phone as being incased in glass — bent into a conical shape, but serving as protection in case you drop your gadget. With such advances being made in the smartphone industry — and the market already crowded with operating systems, similar phone designs and application ecosystems — perhaps Apple’s move into flexible displays could help the firm keep its dominant position.”

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