Stocks mostly flat on disappointing U.S. jobs report; Apple up on iPhone 5S production

“U.S. stock futures were mostly flat after a reading on the labor market came in below expectations,” Tomi Kilgore and Alexandra Scaggs report for The Wall Street Journal.

“Private-sector jobs growth for March was much lower than expected. Data compiled by Automatic Data Processing and Moody’s Analytics showed an increase of 158,000 jobs on the month, well below the 192,000 expected,” Kilgore and Scaggs report. “The Institute for Supply Management’s non-manufacturing purchasing managers index for March, due out at 10 a.m., is seen slipping to 55.8 from February’s 56.0.”

Kilgore and Scaggs report, “Among early stock movers, Apple [AAPL] gained in premarket trading in response to news that the technology giant plans to start producing a refreshed iPhone during the second quarter, making a summer launch of a new iPhone possible.”

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    1. Not if it involves shooting the rock:

      There’s only one true messiah. Obama is about as far away from Him as you can possibly get.

      What Obama needs to do is go on yet another vacation and pack it full of golf outings (even though he sucks at golf more than hoops). It’s sure to work this time!

      When – and only when – Obamacare is gutted, scrapped, and replaced, that’s when the U.S. recovery that should have begun 4 years ago will finally be able to begin.

      1. The Messiah-In-Chief was at MLB Opening Day ceremonies when he suddenly grabbed Michelle by both hooves and threw her out onto the field. The Secret Service game running up, screaming, “No, Mr. President! You were supposed to throw out the first PITCH!.”

    1. Umm, let’s see. the economy has improved since 2008, jobs are improving, and the housing market has stabilized and is actually making a comeback. And as far as healthcare is concerned, at least we have something which is more than what the rebumblicans offered – which if I recall was absolutely nothing!
      it looks like things are getting better. It just took 5 years to fix the mess that the republicans made.

      1. Obama likes to say his campaign is about building up the middle class, but his signature initiative in office — ObamaCare — will pile thousands of dollars in new taxes and higher health costs on top of America’s middle class:

        History suggests that, now that Obamacare is with us, the law cannot be reversed without a credible proposal for what should take its place. Those reforms must account for both the strengths and the weaknesses of our health-care system, and must solve the problems that contributed to the demand for Obamacare in the first place. There is room for debate about the particulars of these reforms, and different components of our health-care system will call for different kinds of fixes. What any effective solution must involve, however, is the creation of a true market in health coverage — one that drives efficiency through competition, and places health-care decisions in the hands of consumers and taxpayers, where they belong.

      2. Something is not necessarily better than nothing. Something most certainly can be worse than nothing. Obamacare is a prime example. This you will learn soon enough.

        1. Right now you say that something is better than nothing. when you have to go into a nursing home or need medical care that you can’t afford on your own, you’ll be glad obamacare is around.

          I’m not talking about the welfare queens or the other crooks that scammed the system, i’m talking about hard working stiffs who are now in their 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s, who would absolutely have nothing to fall back on during a time that they need healthcare the most. The rebumplicans accused Obamacare of having death committees, etc., but the fact is, under the old way of medical care, these individuals were forced to die because they couldn’t afford decent medical care – now they can get the care they need. Its still not great, but its more than what they had.

          1. I say, in this case, nothing is better than the something that will bankrupt the country and consign millions to inferior care than they receive today.

            Working stiffs should plan for their retirements, instead of expecting the rest of us working stiffs to support them in their old age. The rest of us working stiffs are saving for our retirements like responsible citizens.

            Those who cannot do for themselves deserve our help.

            Obamacare, if it’s ever fully implemented, will kill more people than it helps.

            1. By your own hypocritical comment, you just proved my point.

              “Working stiffs should plan for their retirement, instead of expecting the rest of us working stiffs to support them in their old age. The rest of us working stiffs are saving for our retirements like responsible citizens.

              Those who cannot do for themselves deserve our help.”

              Healthcare has gotten so expensive that without some type of pooling of costs, individuals (working stiffs, not heartless rebumblican millionaires) can’t possibly save up to care for themeselves. Prime example, my father in law fell and broke his back. 6 months and 3 million dollars later, he’s fully recovered and is a contributing member of society once again. He’s a working stiff, who honestly paid his taxes, worked all his life, saved his money in both a 401k and a company pension plan (which for most is not even offered any more), yet there is no way he could have paid that bill on his own without government or insurance assistance. Without that assistance, he would have died a slow death in the hospital.

              So there’s no way your comments will work. “working stiffs are saving for our retirement” and “those who cannot do for themselves deserve our help”. The reason it doesn’t work is sometimes its the same person, they planned for their retirement and deserve our help. The selfish, rich rebumplicans such as yourself, obviously do not care about other people nor have any reasonable plan to assist those honest people who need legitimate help.

              On Bill Maher a few weeks ago, a panelist made the statement in regards to the politician who changed his stance on gay marriage when his own son came out as gay, said something to the affect, “I wish the republicans would wake up some day and discover that they have poor family members”. Maybe then, they would do something about the poverty that many hard working stiffs experience.

              so until the selfish rebumblicans can figure out a way to do both, what is currently offered is the best solution.

              I know you’re probably some rich republican who can afford his future healthcare, but one day, if you ever find yourself in a nursing home or needing some very expensive medical care, you’ll have to eat your words when Obamacare comes to your rescue.

            2. You and I have key differences, the main one being your misplaced, baseless faith in the government to do this (or anything) efficiently despite all evidence to the contrary throughout history.

              Government is wasteful, impersonal, and slow.

              Those are three things you precisely DO NOT WANT in between you and your doctor.

              This is why Obamacare is doomed and will kill more than it helps if it’s not scrapped either altogether or in pieces. It was rammed through by special interests and signed into law by absolute idiots. Nancy Pelosi is an idiot, sorry to break it to you.

              Republicans do have a plan. It’s just that you haven’t bothered to find out about it nor has the left-leaning mainstream media in the U.S. gone out of its way to present options to Democrat pie-in-the-sky bullshit.

              I am not worried about my healthcare. I have done well for myself and my family. I could just sit here and watch the poor get screwed, injured, and killed by Obamacare, but I care enough to speak out about it. The rest of you Obama bootlickers will have blood on your hands, but I’ll sleep like a non-aborted baby because I tried.

              I tried and you lied – to yourself, at the very least.

            3. Furthermore, to return to the original point, the reason why job growth has been anemic for years in the U.S. is because of Obamacare and what it imposes upon employers. If you think what Obamacare gives the country is worth more than all it takes away, then you should get on line to petition for government approval to get your head examined by an over-worked, underpaid quack.

              I only call them quacks, because that’s exactly what we’re going to have for healthcare professionals since those with enough brains to be doctors will be – and already are – looking to apply themselves to other fields due to Obamacare.

            4. It’s amazing how quickly you all forget that the problems we are having are due to the Great Bush Republican Recession. He put us so deeply in the hole that it will take another decade to crawl out.

              And you want to put these morons back in office? Don’t you ever learn?

            5. LOL, I got the last laugh. First, you guys lost, deal with it. Second, Obamacare is here and there’s no way anyone can get rid of it without a realistic replacement. Third, at the rate the rebumblicans are going, anyone besides them will win the whitehouse in 2016

  1. Hmm. I wonder what would happen if we just floated a new “positive” rumor every couple of weeks. It doesn’t have to come true, as long as it is replaced with new rumor on a regular basis. That should keep the stock going up, up, up.

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