Apple iTV may launch for Christmas ’13 with Ultra HD 4K resolution

“If Apple plans to reinvent the way we watch TV in the living room, then it needs to start with a screen resolution that’s better than 1080p, eliminate the remote, and the overall solution needs to be somewhat affordable,” Kevin Parrish writes for Tom’s Hardware.

“That is supposedly the route Apple is taking with iTV, offering not only motion-sensing control functions and Siri-based voice commands, but support for a 3840 x 2160 resolution, or Ultra HD.,” Parrish writes. “In addition to negotiating with content owners, the holdup of Apple’s supposed iTV rollout may be partially based upon where the panels will originate.”

Parrish writes, “One of the Ultra HD panel suppliers Apple is relying on is LG Display, which will be able to mass produce Ultra HD TV panels by the second half of the year. If LG is successful and can meet Apple’s supply demand by the end of 2013, consumers may finally see iTV in time for the holiday shopping season. If not, the launch may be pushed back to 1Q14.”

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    1. Exactly. I bought my first HDTV in 2005 and upgraded to an HD Cable box. What did I get? Sure HD channels but most of the time the content was the SD. So I ended up watching programs in a square box in a longer triangle. It took probably 4 years before the content selection was good enough.
      That’s why I have steered clear of 3D TV. I’ll wait for the content to become common. Same goes for 4K.

    1. Yes. He’s been beating that drum for several years. I tend to believe him. Then again, I really would like some sort of Apple iTV. A physical TV. It’s been clear for a long time that Apple is trying to do something with content. As are many other people. I don’t know who is going to win that race? Apple has some real competition to gain control of content delivery. I hope Apple comes out on top. It will dovetail nicely with my new Apple iTV!

      1. It is not about “content providers” but just content when we want by name or genre and with a great interface with very well targeted personal iAds to pay for it (or a pay per show credit card payment system).

      2. A 42″ iMac would just fit into my wall unit. I currently run a 42″ Pioneer plasma (just 720p) and would love one of Panasonic’s newer plasmas, but their better models start at 50″ in the US (but 42″ in the UK!).

  1. Yeah sure.
    *snark on*
    I’ll believe it when a respected financial analyst like Gene Munster predicts a timeframe for the apple television. I mean, until that happens, it’s just a rumor.
    *snark off*

    Actually, this article would make a great generic template to blather on about some Apple thing using simple substitution.
    If Apple plans to reinvent
    it needs to . That is supposedly the route Apple is taking with .

    Let’s see…
    If Apple plans to reinvent a way for Kevin Parrish to store his brain in a jar, it needs to quickly corner the market on tinted Mason jars that are shatter resistant. That is supposedly the route Apple is taking with iBrainInJar.

  2. They will be holding out until the content suppliers are happy to provide their movies and TV shows in ultra HD. This will allow them to avoid the delay in availability of content. End to end integration!

  3. The reason for Ultra HD initially would be for gaming. Any Apple living room display would have to be the ultimate gaming console. In my opinion there is no reason for an Apple living room display to even exist if gaming and apps are not a top priority.
    The popularity of such a product would hopefully incentivize cable and content producer to start pumping it out.

    1. The living room used to be a place that people would converse and socialize. If the ‘living room’ becomes a gaming station, there will be very little socializing and it will become a place for a self centred overgrown kid to monopolize a home and drive his wife and children out of his life.

  4. I just don’t see Ultra HD TV’s being affordable by years end and certainly precious little media. I’ve been waiting to put a large screen TV in my bedroom but to take advantage of UltraHD you need like an 80″ TV, a little much for the bedroom. Guess I should just buy a 47″ or 50″ HD TV now and buy an Apple iTV (if it exists) later when it makes more market sense, like in early 2015.

    1. by that logic, you should buy a Retina iPad for in-bed media to save even more money.

      IMHO, an ultra HD display deserves a dedicated media room with properly-implemented surround sound … and bedrooms are meant for other things.

  5. Apple could easily use a 4k television to link to an upgraded AppleTV with content created from Final Cut Pro and oringinating from a similar source on an iPad or iPhone. Making product around the TV produce or provide the content for viewing as easy as it is today.

    Could be done.

  6. Given Apple’s pricing model, I imagine this TV will be priced higher than credit limit of many card holders. I suspect they won’t have to worry. I’m sure the government will figure out a way to ensure the less fortunate and lazy all get one for free.

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