Manufacturers said ramping up for iPhone 5S launch in June 2013

“A confidential presentation that describes a Shenzhen-based manufacturer’s 2013 product plans points to a few interesting bits of information about the iPhone 5S launch in June 2013 and Foxconn’s role as manufacturer of record for Apple products,” John Biggs reports for TechCrunch.

“The presentation catalog, which details new cases and chargers for iPhone devices as well as Qi-enabled wireless chargers and dongles for the iPhone 5, points to a firm June 2013 launch of what they are calling the iPhone 5S,” Biggs reports. “…this manufacturer has an interesting inside track to Foxconn, promising “synchronization” with the Apple release in June.”

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  1. the reason I believe this is that if you check your upgrade date on AT&T if you got the 4S it coincides. Last time I was eligible for an upgrade suddenly before the 4S launch. go figure.

  2. Yeah, this will do it! When is Tim Cook going to realize that tweaking the phone some more is a waste of the valuable human resources and the horde of cash at his disposal to do something that matters?

    Keep it up, Mr. Cook… the countdown to your departure is underway and I, for one, can’t wait.

    1. Cook has secured his stay by pushing out the iOS lead – Scott.

      iPhone goes through major engineering changes under the hood. As said, anyone can make a bigger phone. Pack processing power and the same battery life into the same space with better camera and smarter connectivity – iPhone is brilliant.

  3. Been gone since the last yime AAPL dropped below $450. When it went up to $463 I started to feel getting out at $450 might have been a mistake. But with word of a “S” model iPhone I am sure we will soon see AApL sub $400. They are falling behind fast. No innovation, just a repeat of 2007. Sad. . I read here all all the analysts are stupid etc etc. and all you posters are brilliant. I think Apples only chance is when Google buys them.

      1. Apple, just murder the freakin’ Android platform with a massive assault of law suits and bake the hell out of the tin man.

        the global thermonuclear temperature needs to be raised by a factor of 1,000 – finish them Apple – stop waiting to see how close the competition can copy.

        Apples, UI / IP for iOS has been infringed too closely by RIM, Windows, Google and about 3 other Asian systems. Touch interface was to be owned by Apple… do something now Cook.

      2. perhaps he should have implied
        (your suggestion – the reverse)

        Apples’ only chance is to buy out Google?

        Complete bogus… Apple needs not buy Google – Apple needs to murder Android. And force companies to start from scratch with their own OSes.

        Newton was here first…
        Palm second…

        Apple has the rights…
        Palm was dead…

        no one but Apple should function like iOS…

        as Windows should have never functioned like OS6 or 7.

  4. The really need the iPhone PRO. Huge hd ram battery. I was just at a work convention. To see everyone half way through the day at charging stations. If not for my mophie I’d be there too. Nobody cares about thinness. Everyone I know has their phone full. The cry for a big screen has been heard for 3 years. How dumb. Wtf.

    1. the LARGEST phone on the MARKET is coming…

      the all new retina screen – iPAD mini with Cellular telephone services (not just Data) – this new model ACTS just like a phone.

      1. @Derp – You continue to promote your idea of an iPad Mini as mobile phone.  I don’t see what it would hurt, but it would not become a big seller. 

        The iPad Mini too big to be carried in one’s pocket, too big to hold up to one’s ear.  The idea behind iWatch is to minimize the amount of time holding the iPhone … which is a small fraction of the size of the iPad Mini.

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