How many iPhones will T-Mobile USA sell this year?

“From the initial product launch until the end of 2012, AT&T has activated 72 million iPhones,” Horace Dediu reports for Asymco.

“Verizon began selling iPhones four years after AT&T and managed to activate 26 million since,” Dediu reports. “Sprint began nine months after Verizon and has activated 8.5 million.”

Dediu estimates “in 2013 T-Mobile USA will sell about 10% of its subs base an iPhone. That would make its contribution to iPhone sales about 3.4 million. It would also imply US sales among the top operators of 53 million iPhones in 2013.”

Read more, and check out the charts, in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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  1. Judging from what I just discovered on T-Mobile’s Web site, I’d say a lot.

    I pay $235 per month with AT&T with grandfathered unlimited data on two iPhone 4S units and 3 GB on 1 iPhone 4S. Checking T-Mobile I’d pay only $150 for all three phones for unlimited data, phone, text. I’d say they have a winner! I know I’m switching as soon as my contract is up.

  2. Hope T-Mobile puts some scare in the the rest of the carriers. We only stay with Verison because of the coverage in our area. Would love to switch if they get as consistent coverage as Verison in rural areas I would definitely do it. Paying far to much for what we get.

  3. Wired magazine offers an excellent iPhone cost comparison between the 4 major carriers.

    AT&T does offer one plan that is slightly cheaper, but if you go over the data quota, cancel early, or keep your phone for more than 2 years, then they gouge you.

    T-Mobile is now — by far — the best deal for the iPhone in the USA.

  4. T mobile has sucky coverage. Verizon then ATT and Sprint and T mobile. I have never been anywhere that T mobile had better coverage then Verizon and and many places Verizon is the only carrier with coverage. I depend on my phone and i cant have a carrier with only half coverage

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