Apple releases ProApps QuickTime Codecs v1.0.2 for Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5, Compressor 4 users

Apple today released ProApps QuickTime Codecs v1.0.2 which adds the following video codecs for use by QuickTime-based applications:

• Apple Intermediate Codec
• Apple ProRes
• AVC-Intra
• XDCAM HD / EX / HD422
• Uncompressed 4:2:2

This update is recommended for all users of Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5, or Compressor 4.

More info and link to standalone download (1.14 MB) for ProApps QuickTime Codecs v1.0.2 here.


  1. Great news. The random green screens were really terrible, it drove us nuts when using third party plugins. The bug was introduced in version 10.0.7., extroduced in 10.0.8. You’re fired, dude. Never come back.

    1. By the way the update is great. Definitely not a 10.0.X but a 10.X as all updates before. I have no idea why Apple let the updates look much smaller than they are due to the unnecessary zero in the middle.

      All of the updates of Final Cut Pro X were great and very welcome. Even there is still a lot missing it is such an improvement over Premiere Pro, Avid and Final Cut Pro 7. I’ve worked with all of them and can strongly recommend version X.

      If only Logic and Compressor would go the same way. Both have outdated UIs, and need a big refresh.

  2. In another 2-3 years it might be ready for Prime Time.

    Apple screwed the pooch on this one and Logic and soon the Pro Hardware market. Not everyone gives a shit about how thin the iMac is from the side. Some of us need a proper upgradeable and user maintainable tower.

  3. Regarding apple’s pro commitment, I find it very telling how they sell QuickTime Pro 7.x on their website instead of using their own App Store. Oh and QuickTime X is still a joke…three years after its introduction.

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