No, China did not just declare war on Apple

“Gordon Chang’s piece on China declaring war on Apple should alert us to the challenges of working in emerging markets,” Haydn Shaughnessy writes for Forbes. “It is not just China in the dock. But China has also declared that Google is too strong and implied that China wants self-sufficiency in smartphones, right down to the operating system.”

“The idea that this is China’s war on Apple is too simplistic, however,” Shaughnessy writes. “Apple has increased sales substantially in China in the past 12 months.”

Shaughnessy writes, “This is really about strategic technology and modern protectionism… The Chinese have let it be known that Google, with Android is far to [sic] powerful, and that they want a smartphone operating system of their own. It is clear that one way or another they are going to level this playing field.”

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  1. It has nothing to with gaggle or Apple gaining in the Chinese market. The country is not called Red China for nothing. Knowledge is power and the commie powers that be want to stay in place.

    1. Yes. The good news is that Apple has the potential of huge future revenue streams by selling products in China. The bad news is that Apple has the potential of huge future revenue streams by selling products in China.

  2. And why not? It’s their country, their playing field. I think they will lose and look foolish, but whatever.
    Remember when the US sentiments started changing and started campaigning against “made in China”? I imagine Chinese headlines read “America declares war on 些大的工厂企业集团”

    1. When the world does business with China, China slowly changes and accepts free enterprise bit by bit and eventually China will accept democracy. If the world rejects China out hand, China will pull inwards and reject the world too and likely start a campaign of armaments to take over any area (it’s ‘northern resource region’ Russia) and the world will be plunged into a very costly war. Think about it: which is more cost effective and quicker? A war with China or the thin wedge of capitalism?

  3. “Google with Android is far too powerful”, so they want to do their own OS? NOT! (They’ve been doing it for some time with Linux-based products for years!)

    That HAS to be a mistranslation! China is NOT going to be trembling in its boots because of Google and Android.

  4. China: Criminal Nation, is the biggest criminal to its own people. The fracking commy party want control over very little thing their tortured victim ‘comrades’ do in their lives, TOTAL CONTROL FREAKS. Clearly, this extends to mobile phones as much as any other as aspect of their victim’s lives.

    What a hellhole. 😛

    1. Spot on, Derek. In fact, if you wanted to stay overnight at a friend’s (of the same sex) house, you have to notify your local neighborhood official as well as register at you friend’s local apparatchik. Who needs google when the human watchdogs keep eyes on everyone.

      I can remember one time when I had a conference with a local telco manager (who was a woman) and her male translator. We had to sit on the edges of the two beds with a small tea table between us, with various circuit and cable diagrams all over that table. Suddenly the door burst open and some hotel functionary skated in, fiddling with the TV and asking if we needed more hot water (for our tea), or if the TV was working fine, or if it was too hot… Obviously checking to be sure that everything was proper and no hanky-panky was going on. What a zone!

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