Wine Spectator’s new WineRatings+ app delivers over 270,000 wine reviews to Apple’s iOS devices

When choosing a wine for dinner or a party, have you ever felt daunted by all the options and wished for expert guidance? Let Wine Spectator help you select the right bottle at the right price, with its newly released flagship wine ratings app, Wine Spectator WineRatings+, which provides quick access to all 270,000-plus of its expert wine reviews.

Designed for connoisseurs and casual wine drinkers, WineRatings+ is a comprehensive app for iPhone and iPod touch that helps wine lovers make better choices, discover great values, learn about wine in general and stay updated on what’s new in wine.

Available now on the iPhone App Store, WineRatings+ is a free download, with a mix of free and premium content. At no charge, users can browse Wine Spectator’s definitive vintage charts, watch entertaining video, read informative articles and scan the app’s timely news feed. For $2.99 per month, users receive access to the entire database of wine ratings, which are automatically updated with more than 1,000 new reviews each month.

“Wine Spectator’s highly anticipated ratings app brings trust, world-class expertise and clarity to an otherwise confusing wine marketplace,” said Marvin R. Shanken, editor and publisher of Wine Spectator, in a statement. “Whether consumers want definitive ratings or authoritative editorial content, WineRatings+ is the most credible, comprehensive wine app available.”

Highlights of WineRatings+ include:

• Quick access to more than 270,000 Wine Spectator wine reviews—with definitive ratings, detailed tasting notes, release prices and current auction prices. Our database represents the most comprehensive and authoritative library of professional wine reviews in the world.

• Automatic updates of more than 1,000 new Wine Spectator reviews each month, totaling more than 15,000 per year.

• An easy and efficient wine ratings search that provides instant results as you type. Use the filtering options—including price, score, producer, name and region—to help you narrow results to your perfect choice.

• Updated values for more than 10,000 collectible wines. Current auction prices are displayed automatically each quarter, based on the latest sales.

• Easy sharing of your favorite wines and articles. Using the Facebook and Twitter single sign-on features in iOS, subscribers can post Wine Spectator ratings for wines they enjoy, as well as links to news and feature stories, or send them via email to their friends and family.

• A “Picks” section that delivers frequently updated editors’ selections of top wines and values; use our lists to discover new producers and browse by category.

• Seamless save features that log all recently viewed wines to the app’s home screen and let users “favorite” wines for future reference.

• Vintage Charts covering 55 of the world’s principal wine regions and grape varieties. More than 975 Wine Spectator vintage reports help you assess the quality and character of each region’s wines.

• Rich articles and entertaining videos that educate on the fundamentals of wine.

• A real-time news feed offering a timely view into current wine culture, with the latest reports and insights from

Existing users of the Wine Spectator VintageChart+ app can update to the new app for free. Access to the premium features requires a $2.99 monthly subscription, available via In-App Purchase. The Wine Spectator WineRatings+ App is available for free via Apple’s iTunes App Store here.

Source: Wine Spectator


  1. Whoop-tee-doo! An app from the Wine Speculator.

    Talk about sheep – the people who take the Speculator’s word as gospel. For my friends who own wineries, a positive mention on one of their vintages in the Speculator is a license to print money, while their stock of that vintage lasts.

  2. No way. Save some money, buy Hugh Johnson’s World Atlas of Wine and learn far more about the wine business. It’s a hardback too so well worth the money and the illustrations are great quality.

  3. Oh, no my Apple stock is plummeting. Thank gawd I have my Spectator app. Let’s see what would go well with fresh anxiety with a succulent serving of depression. Oh, yes, I think a Zind-Humbrecht Reiseling 2006 is the perfect beverage to drown my sorrows. Thanks, Apple!

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