Maine school laptop contract to be open to other U.S. states

“The only state to provide laptops to public school students statewide said Thursday the contract it’s negotiating for new devices can be used by other states if they’re interested in following suit,” David Sharp reports for The Associated Press. “Maine has zeroed in on five different laptops and tablets as it prepares to replace more than 35,000 Apple laptops in middle schools and about the same number in high schools this fall. The state expects to pay between $217 and $314 annually per unit depending on which device is chosen.”

“By leveraging additional buying power, the number of companies offering bids for devices to be distributed this fall increased eight-fold compared to the last time the state put out a request,” Sharp reports. “Maine, Vermont and Hawaii selected five bids out of 16 that were offered: four-year leases with annual costs of $217 for an iPad, $273 for the MacBook Air, $254.86 for an HP Probook, $314.28 for an HP ElitePad, and $294 for a CTL 2go Classmate PC with swivel screen and stylus. That would be the cost for a state-run program, others could be more costly.”

Sharp reports, “Back in 2000, then-Maine Gov. Angus King said that providing laptops to all students, regardless of means, would help eliminate the so-called ‘digital divide’ between rich and poor kids. In 2002 and 2003, more than 30,000 laptops had been distributed to seventh- and eighth-graders and to 3,000 teachers in Maine. Late Apple CEO Steve Jobs wanted so badly to be part of the program that the company took a loss on the contract, King said.”

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      1. Absolutely! I think that the approach to life and the values in life are demonstrated by certain actions like what products you buy and how you educate your young or how much you value teachers.

    1. Maine has voted liberal in the Presidential election for many election cycles now. Angus King, by the way, is an Independent and was recently elected as a Senator. The choice of Macs was less about the State of Maine, and more about the Governor.

      1. I thought the choice of Macs had to do with the general acceptance of the platform by the population and that the government went along with the crowd. There are US maps and charts that show the use of Macs state by state. They are correlated to the voting patterns also. I half expected someone to search it out and post it.

      1. The fix is in.

        TOC Total Ownership Cost
        (Total Cost of Ownership is too many letters, and TCOO just Too Cute. But it’s just great that we tend to everyone else’s tipos.)

        1. Try again, unfortunately the industry has spoken and the accepted acronym for total cost of ownership is TCO.

          It is also well accepted that TOC means table of contents.

          1. Mistaken is such a cold, dismissive term. Industry may have spoken to you, but have you no compassion for the US Navy?


            or the Coast Guard?

            Click to access CIM_4140_1.pdf

            As for TOC, accepted by whom? It stands for just about anything in the military (Tactical Operations Center, Transfer of Command, Transfer Of Custody).

            Then there are are those tight little groups in cities and towns everywhere, chatting up the great broadway hits, knowing TOC only as a play by Neil Simon, or infamous Henry Miller novels (TOC north and south), or old radio, for which there is the show and the city once named Hot Springs, both TOC.

            One could add Greek Catholics, historians, and so many other good people for which TOC hardly needs to be explained. Table of Contents, indeed!

    1. As well it should be. The era of the cd-rom is over, no need for a computer, it is a waste of money and resource, frankly the iPad is enough fort 99% of school use.

      Most of the content is in the cloud or on an app. A few beefy machines for heavy multimedia creation projects and iPads for day to day classroom use is all you need.

      My school is an Apple distinguished school because of our 1:1 and 2:1 programs, we are moving away from the 2:1 in favor of a 1:1 with iPads. We are adding Zagg Keyboard cases for the longer writing assignments, the students really appreciate the keyboard addition.

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