With 78% share, Apple’s iOS tightening its grip on the enterprise and taking share from Android

“Apple’s iOS is consolidating its grip on the enterprise market and taking share from Android, according to customer data from enterprise file sharing and hybrid cloud storage company Egnyte, which offers cloud back-up and storage services for a mix of customers, from large corporates with thousands of seats to SMEs with just a handful,” Natasha Lomas reports for TechCrunch.

“The data, shared directly with TechCrunch, covers 100,000 of Egnyte’s paying customers over the last year-and-a-half+, tracking which OS they are using to access its services on mobile devices and also splitting out iPhone and iPad use,” Lomas reports. “The numbers look strong for Apple, with the iPhone especially growing its proportion of users since the second half of 2011 to-date — perhaps helped by the halo effect of iPads arriving in the enterprise and persuading business folk to trade their BlackBerrys for iPhones. Egnyte’s data doesn’t specifically refer to BlackBerrys but does show Apple taking share away from Android.”

“In Q3/Q4 2011, Egnyte’s data shows the following device breakdown — giving iOS a 68 percent majority of Egnyte’s enterprise user-base: iPhone 28%; iPad 40%; Android 30% (phones and tablets); other 2%,” Lomas reports. “In 2012, the iPhone grew its proportion, while the iPad’s very sizeable share shrank to below a third — suggesting iPhone usage cannibalised iPad usage to an extent. Overall, though, Apple’s percentage rose to 69 percent: iPhone 42%; iPad 27%; Android 30% (phones and tablets); other 1%.”

Lomas reports, “Egnyte has also scraped some early data for Q1 2013, which shows both iPhone and iPad usage rising — this time apparently at the expense of Android phones and tablets, which had previously held a steady share of 30 percent… Apple holds a whopping, ‘Pacman-shaped’ 78 percent share of the user base as of Q1 2013: iPhone 48%; iPad 30%; Android 22% (phones and tablets).”

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MacDailyNews Take: YKBAID.

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  1. No NO! That information isn’t for the useful idiots to know. The big players are still trying to get them to sell the last of the Apple shares they have held for years. The story line is that Apple is being crushed by Samsung and Google. Didn’t they get the talking points on their Apple iOS devices this week and for the last 5 months? This is a secret. Do not tell anyone yet.

  2. This won’t help AAPL either. Wall Street doesn’t care what was or even what is – only cares about what will be. And Tim Cook has worn out his promise of “great products in the pipeline.” Until we see a “great product” nothing will change. Until Tim Cook is gone, we will not see a “great product.” Why is that so hard to understand?

      1. No, people just have fairly selective memory when it comes to the SJ years.

        Also, ppeterson and all the a**holes on wall street are just so darn smart that Apple would have rolled out several revolutionary new products by now if THEY were running the place instead of Tim Cook. (that is sarcasm, for those who fail to recognize it)

    1. And cue in the troll clown ppeterson. You can’t just throw another CEO at a media/investor-created “problem” and think things will change for the better. Look what happened when Gates left MS to Ballmer. Give Cook time to at least get a new product out (and by Cook I mean his engineers, designers and manufacturers, because they are the ones that need time).

      I know you have a lot of pent up rage today, but try not to post anything unless you have something funny or helpful to add to big people conversations.

      1. No, Mr. David… I will stay around in the post Tim Cook recovery era long enough to gloat. Then, I’ll just enjoy my own personal growing horde of AAPL cash as I travel the world and leave you numbskulls here to realize how wrong you were and are!

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