Office on the iPad: It’s not about the money, it’s about Microsoft’s place in a brand new world

“There have been rumours about Office for iPad for a couple of years now — indeed, a Microsoft executive can rarely appear in public these days without getting asked about it,” Steve Ranger writes for ZDNet. “Although Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer recently seemed to quash speculation about it once more, the rumour keeps on springing up. That’s because Microsoft’s decisions about Office for iPad send a signal about its broader strategy.”

“Gartner research director Michael Silver also argues that Microsoft should release Office for iPad — and soon,” Ranger writes. “As the PC market continues to erode and the tablet market continues to grow, there’s still a really big opportunity there, he argues.”

Ranger writes, “Microsoft also has to make a bigger strategic decision. ‘The Microsoft Office group needs to decide if they’re in the business of selling Office products or propping up Windows,’ says Silver. ‘If they’re in the business of selling Office, then the iPad and other tablets are a huge opportunity — and if they don’t do it, someone else will… The danger is that people will see a $20 or $30 product, get used to it, and decide that it’s good enough.'”

“By offering Office on the iPad, Microsoft would be effectively acknowledging that Apple had won: it would be an admission that Windows 8 tablets — including its own Surface Pro — had failed to grab market share,” Ranger writes. “In turn, this would signify that the tenure of Windows as the default platform for enterprise customers and consumers is over.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The more people who learn the fact that they do not need Office and the quicker they learn it, the better.

For all we care (being 100% Microsoft free for as long as we can remember) wait until you’re dead, Microsoft. The world would be a better place without you and your ilk.

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    1. I received a Word doc attached to an email yesterday. I was stunned. I realized I had not had this happen in several years… and I hadn’t even noticed!!!

  1. No,it’s about the expensive, piggish, memory-hogging bloatware crap that would without a doubt be Office on an iPad. I’ll stick with Pages, Numbers and Keynote, thanks. DocsToGo Premium does a wonderful job, too.

  2. That would look funny – 50% of the screen real estate would be buttons and icons and menus and stuff like that.

    But I hope Apple will make a better Pages one day. Documents are looking too different on iOS and OSX versions of Pages. Not to mention the terrible wooden look in the iPad.

    Work for Jony.

  3. MS is in a tough spot making a version of office for iPad.

    Any version they release will be a glorified viewer because office on the PC is really a whole development platform that is integrated into various business work flows.

    Its simply too massive to just “port” it and even if they could port 90% of it over the usability will suffer.

    Who the hell wants to do complex data modeling, business process scripting and workflow creation on an iPad when they have a PC with 2 and 3 large screens sitting there?

    All Microsoft can hope to do is make a mini version of office that competes with the existing offerings on the iPad.

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