NPD: Apple planning to sell 55 million iPad minis and 33 million iPads in 2013

“The launch of the iPad mini in late 2012 has been seen as an acknowledgement by Apple that smaller size (7-9-inch) tablet PCs would become a larger part of the market than larger sizes (9.7-inch or 10.1-inch),” David Hsieh reports for The NPD Group’s DisplaySearch Blog. “Key aspects are more attractive prices and the ability to hold the device in one hand rather than two.”

“Shipments of 9.7-inch tablet PC panels collapsed, falling from 7.4 to 1.3M, while 7-inch and 7.9-inch panel shipments grew rapidly, from 12 to 14M. Shipments of 10.1-inch panels grew only slightly,” Hsieh reports. “The January panel shipment data may be an indicator for 2013, starting with Apple’s product mix shift.”

Hsieh reports, “As we noted in December, Apple had planned to sell 40M iPad minis (7.9-inch) and 60M iPads (9.7-inch) in 2013. However, the reality seems to be the reverse, as the iPad mini has been more popular than the iPad. We now understand that Apple may be planning to sell 55M iPad minis (7.9-inch) and 33M iPads (9.7-inch) in 2013.”

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    1. We said it because we were transfixed by the fresh iPad itself and by Steve Jobs’s reasoning, showmanship, and charisma.

      After the Reality Distortion Field had attenuated a bit, we remembered something else that Steve had once said: “Changing your mind is a sign of intelligence.” It might also require a spot of humility and a dash of courage.

    2. He also said people don’t read books anymore, when asked about a reader and that there wouldn’t be video on the iPod and that Apple wasn’t making an iPhone for two years before iPhone changed the world…

        1. You are very right, at least in this sense: profit margins dipped with the iPad mini’s introduction, partly because of initial tooling costs and partly because of tighter design constraints, and also decisively due to cannibalization of the iPad with its higher margins—and the result was a stock dive as mousy investors saw eroding margins and panicked. Thus the iPad mini indirectly affected wallets.

          As well, the product seemed a backtracking on core principles to some, a weak and nervous concession to rising competition to others, and a mere tweak of the product line instead of a miraculous birthing of Athena to still others, all denting the Apple armor and smudging the halo.

          But holy Hell, even Thomas Edison had to roll out thousands of inventions to get credit for a few, and even then he was burned in effigy. You know, there’s no way to win in this dog-eat-dog world, as my sainted Mother used to say.

        2. True that. She was a pessimist, right enough, just being realistic for her social class at the time, I suppose. I take after my father more, but he never issued advice. “Hanging themselves, that lot” I once heard him mutter at a BBC broadcast.

          I prefer your optimism, but all the same, we both are well advised to keep an acerbic edge in reserve for those times that we may be called upon to take on the cruel clowns.

      1. Perhaps, but he is highly amusing. In a world of insane primates raging about existentially inconsequential details, he is the reigning alpha male. I’d rather die with a smile on my face than not.

    1. It’s all analysts estimate (or should I say “guesstimates”). At best they survey the suppliers and try to get them to talk about planned shipments of components. At worst these guys just make this stuff up.

      If they are within 10% of reality over the course of *any* coming year they are doing incredibly well in their guess.

      No one — and I really mean no one — can accurately predict today the number of iPads or iPad minis that will be sold in the fourth quarter of 2013.

  1. So, was the iPad 9.7 a big mistake made by Steve Jobs? It turns out that users really prefer to sharpen their fingers. Was Steve Jobs reasoning flawed? Were the Android vendors who produced smaller tablets right all along. I’m really baffled. I certainly prefer the larger iPad to view content than the smaller one but the iPad Mini is easier to carry around. Truthfully though, I’ve watched quite a number of movies on my Sony PSP and enjoyed them.

    I must have watched about 50 episodes of The Simpsons and nearly as many Stargate SG1 episodes on my iPod 30GB when I first bought it. I’m more of a content person, though and will adjust to whatever device I have on hand. Both of those devices were definitely a step up from the early Sony Watchmans I had when they first came out.

  2. This is a report pulled out of the writer’s ass. Apple has not announced how many iPads (of both sizes) it plans to sell/make in 2013. In fact, Apple has never announced sales projections for any product. It’s another example of a writer stating projections/opinions as facts.

  3. Bought an iPad mini in Vegas last week and took it to the hotel and used it for 3 days. Went back with it to Apple store at Town Square and switched to the full sized iPad. Such a better choice for me.

    1. Not $200. Agree that target came from a good source, the person who saw Enron in trouble way before anybody else. Apple could easily retrace 50%-60% which is $320-$355 if they don’t continue to improve their eco system and introduce new products categories not just updates. Tim Cook is starting to scare me now and I am very worried about this quarters IPhone/IPAD numbers. They will very likley be way below Apples awful guidance. Need a much better phone than the 5, larger display and where is the TV?

      1. This is the common FUD spreading around. It’s contagious. Relax. Apple is still the number one company in the world putting out the best products out there. They will awe the world before long in a new direction. Doubters have always been around.

  4. Apple is in trouble for 2013. No innovation in 2012, trends to smaller tablets (lower margin) and trends to larger screen phones (5 inch when IPhone 5 is 4 inch and IPhone 5S likely 4 inch). Phones are morphing into small tablets. Where is the TV Tim Cook? Long time Apple fan, but see Tim Cook being very very lazy here.

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