What not to expect at Apple shareholders’ meeting today

“Given the advance buildup — a headline-grabbing billionaire, a high-profile proxy fight, a hedge-fund lawsuit, a federal judge’s preliminary injunction and those cutesy iPrefs — Apple’s annual shareholders meeting today is likely to disappoint,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt writes for Fortune.

“For one thing, the proposition that created all the fuss — a change in the company’s articles of incorporation that would have prohibited the issuance of preferred shares without a shareholder vote — has been taken off the table,” P.E.D. writes. “For another, the real issue behind the fuss is Apple’s $137 billion cash stockpile — if, when and how much of that cash the company plans to divvy up among the shareholders. Those aren’t questions boards of directors usually answer at shareholders meetings.”

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  1. I believe you can’t “divvy up” money that is not in the USA. More than $90 billion is overseas and if it came to the USA the federal government would get about a third of it. So, leave it off shore and just tell everyone that the dividends will be increased as conditions call for it.

    And dump dead weight on the board like Al Gore “The Inventor of the Internet”. He and others do not add anything to the skill and abilities of the Apple board as a hole. For example: Someone on the board should have known that you can’t bundle items on a vote. Pull in someone that knows what they are doing please!

  2. As Steve Jobs once said when AAPL stock tumbled and was in the dog house, similarly; have faith and stick with us and you Will be rewarded in the long term. Apple was not created in a day and certainly won’t be wiped out in a day or a year or even a few years…

    There is no real competiton to Apple.

    Apple will find a financial action appropriate to the money, that the vultures have their eyes on, but don’t expect the tail to continue wagging the tail beyond the sensationalization of rumors and unfounded bad speculation.

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