Live blog: Apple’s 2013 shareholders’ meeting

“Apple is hosting its annual shareholder meeting today in Cupertino, Ca. and the big question looming over the event is if CEO Tim Cook will discuss what the company’s plans are for it’s nearly $140 billion cash pile,” Cadie Thompson and Jon Fortt report for CNBC. “Historically, the two-hour meeting is pretty straightforward, but this year Apple may feel pressure to shed more light on its cash strategy because of activist shareholder David Einhorn’s public shaming of Apple for not distributing more cash to shareholders.”

CNBC’s Jon Fortt is reporting live from the Apple’s 2013 shareholders’ meeting and will be sending live updates, including any news about its cash strategy.

Fortt’s live blog of Apple’s 2013 shareholders’ meeting — during which Cook reiterates that Einhorn’s lawsuit was “silly sideshow, regardless of how the judge ruled” — here.


  1. Cook is making a mountain out of a molehill,albeit with good intentions. Simple solution is to increase the annual dividend by the same amount as the increase in cash,40% in the case of last year. That way the $100 Billion plus number never shrinks,keeping the flexibility to cover downturns,acquisitions or investment in their own chip plants etc.
    This simple decision would cheer shareholders,raise the stock price and leave options open. If next year,Apple bought a TV network, for example,resulting in cash not increasing, ok, the dividend stays the same next year, but the stock should hold it’s value or increase due to the increased asset value of the aquisition !
    Common Tim, it’s that simple.

    1. Screw that. They got donuts. If shareholders don’t like what they get, they can put their money somewhere else. I’d never give the hedge fund stock manipulators a pat on the head for screwing with Apple’s mindshare.

      The dividend shouldn’t change beyond removing it completely.

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