Failing to ding Apple, beleaguered Nokia aims for beleaguered BlackBerry

“As erstwhile smartphone leader Nokia Oyj fails to gain much headway on Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co., the Finnish company is setting its sights on a weaker rival: BlackBerry,” Adam Ewing reports for Bloomberg. “Nokia is betting its partnership with corporate-computing giant Microsoft Corp. will help it win business users, targeting BlackBerry’s stronghold.”

MacDailyNews Take: You know, because pre-iPhone business users all used Windows Mobile phones and not BlackBerrys… oh, wait.

“Nokia’s newest Lumia smartphones, including two introduced this week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, run on Microsoft’s operating system and come with Excel, Word and PowerPoint,” Ewing reports. “Gaining a foothold in the business market is crucial for Nokia as it and BlackBerry fight for third place in smartphones, behind Samsung — the leader in devices using Google Inc.’s Android — and Apple. Shares of both Nokia and BlackBerry have lost 90 percent in the past five years as first consumers and then companies have turned to Android and Apple’s iOS.”

Ewing reports, “BlackBerry, formerly known as Research In Motion Ltd., pioneered the corporate mobile-device market in North America and still has a strong following in Washington and on Wall Street.”

MacDailyNews Take: DingleBerry, formerly known as Skirts In Half, Inc., pioneered the leopard print mini-skirt market in North America and still has a strong following among strippers and street whores.

“Lumia unit sales rose to 4.4 million in the fourth quarter, making up almost 75 percent of all Windows Phone sales. BlackBerry sold 7.4 million smartphones, for 3.2 percent of the global market. IPhones and Android devices together account for about 90 percent of smartphone sales,” Ewing reports. “Simply defeating BlackBerry may not be enough for Nokia. Apple and Android manufacturers have almost squeezed other operating systems out of the consumer market, and there’s no guarantee they won’t do the same in the business world.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Android is a security nightmare already. “Open” in all the wrong ways. Smart businesses steer clear of Android. Smart businesses choose the industry leader and clear innovator, they don’t settle for inferior knockoffs. That — and older IT doofuses leaving the workplace and seeing the artificial barriers they had constructed torn down by young, open-minded blood — is why Apple’s iOS continues to dominate the mobile enterprise.

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  1. “pioneered the leopard print mini-skirt market in North America and still has a strong following among strippers and street whores.”

    Street whores maybe, but I have it on good authority that strippers don’t wear much of anything.

  2. Nokia: too late, too little.

    Time to stop covering losers. Developers are not going to flock to a 3rd platform.

    Customers are sticking with iOS and Android for 2 good reasons: QQQuality with Apple and CCCost with Android.

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