Obama admin pledges to pressure countries in bid to stop intellectual property thefts

“The U.S. will put diplomatic pressure on countries implicated in thefts of trade secrets and seek stronger international enforcement of intellectual-property protections, according to a government report,” Eric Engleman and Roger Runningen report for Bloomberg.

“‘Other governments must recognize that trade secret protection is vital to the success of our economic relationships and that they must take steps to strengthen their enforcement against trade secret theft,’ according to a document released today outlining the administration’s trade secret strategy,” Engleman and Runningen report. “The trade-secret report was released in Washington by U.S. Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator Victoria Espinel.”

Engleman and Runningen report, “It comes a day after the computer-security firm Mandiant Corp. said in a report that the Chinese army is probably the source of hacking attacks against at least 141 companies worldwide since 2006. The trade-secret strategy looks at more than computer-based theft. It says the pace of economic espionage is accelerating through recruitment of current and former employees of companies, as well as cyber intrusions against U.S. businesses, law firms, universities and financial institutions. While it doesn’t single out China, today’s report cites examples of economic espionage in which corporate secrets were passed to Chinese institutions.”

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  1. Why bother spying? Just wait until the products are released then reverse engineer and clone them. You don’t even need to be secretive about it. If anyone calls you on it, you just claim that you didn’t think anything so obvious could possibly be protected by copyright. Samedung is offering training to the Chinese on this approach.

  2. How about charging the FBI, CIA and Homeland Security with fighting back and preventing these countries from being able to do this? Maybe sharing some information on how they do it and how to prevent it with targeted companies, like Apple, Boeing, etc.?

  3. To Stop Samfu_k… US Gov need to pull all US Military personnels out of South Korea. When North Korea army (largest in the world) marching across the DMZ into South Korea, hopefully, Samfu_k will stop stealing from Apple.

    To Stop Google… one only need to take out two of its leaders with a Post-It note says “Stop stealing IPs”

    my 2 cents…

    1. I was going to say that China has the largest military, but apparently it depends on how you measure it, and of course what date the article you can cite carries. I found a 2009 article that says, “Surprisingly, Iran has the largest military in the world” with 12.285M troops. Vietnam had the second largest, with 9.5M, then came China with 7.024M — who knew?!

      1. The US is bankrolling the built-up of the Chinese modern military machine. Just by receiving an interest from their US4 trillion’s loan to the US government, the Chinese is laughing all the way to the bank and is able to build up its military machine on the cheap by courtesy of the US’s stupidity. And as an additional bonus, due to the incompetency of the US bureaucracy to protect and keep secrets, the Chinese is able to hack into any US’s computers and steal billions worth of invaluable research and information. Don’t blame the Chinese; the US brought these problems unto itself.

  4. “Obama admin pledges to pressure countries in bid to stop intellectual property thefts”

    …hmm, is this similar to his pledges to “protect the second amendment” and “not raise taxes on the middle class”? Fuck you, you lying piece of shit, you’ll do exactly as you’re told by your overlords.

      1. I’ve always found it interesting how racists will use arcane aspects of etymology and philology to justify themselves. I’m SURE that you’ve referred to many white people this way, as well.

        1. well you can use your media-induced “race card” all that you like, but the reality is this: words have meanings, the danger to liberty is not their definitions but the control over their use by dim-witted governments & media and even dimmer-witted thought police such as yourself. Obama’s oath to God was to the United States Constitution not the interests of the financial plunderers who put him in office as their current puppet.

  5. One issue has to do with the quality of nowadays legal systems. Judges and lawyers worldwide are so incompetent in this IP area (at least) that little wisdom nor righteousness are seen in Apple iPhone court case.

    Those who can’t see how Samsung slavishly copy Apple right away make me feel sad.

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