Microsoft ups the price of Office for Mac users by roughly 17%

“When it comes to pricing and licensing of Office software these days, Microsoft certainly isn’t making any new friends,” DailyTech reports.

“If you are a Mac user that relies on Office software for business or school, you will be paying more for the next upgrade you purchase,” DailyTech reports. “Microsoft has raised the price of Office for the Mac by as much as 17% and has stopped selling multi-license bundles for the productivity suite.”

DailyTech reports, “The price change puts Office for Mac 2011 on the same pricing schedule as Office 2013 for Windows, despite the fact that it is much older software.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: If you haven’t already done so long ago, here’s yet another reason for Mac users to dump Microsoft’s bloated, over-priced mess and move to a modern alternative – now, if only Apple would give us one.

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      1. As was the result of the blundering, Luddite bad attitude of the RIAA and MPAA obsessive abuse of their customers, Microsoft is without doubt INSPIRING the PIRACY of their products.

        Piracy is bad. But shoving a finger in the overlord eye of our abusive Corporate Oligarchy is GOOD. Get to it kids. 😀

  1. Meanwhile Google Apps is free to use. Our school system (Fairfax County Virginia, with 160,000 students) has made it available to all grade levels. In a few years, a whole generation will have been raised free from MS Office. If you still own MSFT, dump it now.

      1. the ‘free’ price tag has far, far, too high a cost. Only that of every shred of of information you possess. So go ahead, sell your very soul for a ‘free’ word processor.

        I’ll stick with Pages on my local HD thank you very much.

    1. Do a little test:
      – Create a web page on a web server you have access to, but don’t link to it from anything so the web crawlers won’t find it.
      – Watch the server access logs for a few days to confirm that no one is visiting that web page.
      – Now create a document or spreadsheet on Google Docs and put a link to that web page in there, but don’t tell anyone about your Google document.
      – Resume watching the server logs.
      • I predict it’ll be about a week or less before you see GoogleBot show up in your server logs as accessing that page.
      – If my prediction comes true for you, think twice about what kind of information you put in or through any “free” service from the big providers.

      1. Please do that test and report back.

        Another little test:
        Create a simple little doc -some text, some different fonts. Nothing fancy. Do it in TextEdit, MS Word, your favorite alternative word processor. (I used Bean) Save it as an RTF file. (RTF is a simple, light weight document file format.)

        Open those RTF files in a straight text editor. MS Word will manage to horribly bloat the RTF file, compared to the alternatives I’ve tried it against. File was more several time larger than it had to be – lots of extra unnecessary cruft inserted in the file.

  2. … like the ad running on the TV pushing the Microsoft “offer” of using the same license for up to 5 devices….

    Guess we’ll just have to stick with our tired ol’ Macs running the same app purchase on every device we own (together with free updates [whatever next?]), its a tough world out there. I don’t know how we cope, I really don’t.

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