Patents may point the way towards Apple iWatch

“Pundits everywhere are speculating on what, why and when will be the Apple iWatch,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “What follows are some great patent-based ideas — along with the best rendered images I’ve seen yet — that tell us the iWatch won’t be some ghastly gadget only geeks would wear, but something everyone might want.”

“You don’t have to reinvent everything, of course,” Evans writes. “Apple’s way is all about smoothly articulated simplicity in product design, and with Ive now in command of user interface design at the company it is reasonable to expect the UI in this device will be something that truly reflects his passion for good design.”

Much more in the full article here.

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    1. Remember “Loooooooost iiiiiin Space!” One gets that feeling with all these leaks of what’s coming next from apple inc!
      Or in other words…..Punxsutawney day!

  1. I always wanted a Dick Tracy two-way wrist radio. Okay so now I have a cell phone. What I really wanted was something like a flying carpet. That would be cool. Wouldn’t you just love to have the ability to just sit on the throw rug in front of your door and ride around the neighborhood about 25 feet in the air? Other than the Swedish Bikini team spending the night, I can’t think of anything more fun than that. But until Apple comes out with that I’m open to an iWatch. I don’t have any idea what it might do but I don’t believe Apple is going to bring out anything lame. I’ve read all the pro and con articles and I’m not really certain what I’d like to see it do but let’s get it going. Although I’d much rather see a larger iPhone. And a smaller more affordable iPhone. But most of all……………….. the Apple iTV. That’s what I’d really like to see. Not to mention that it might help the stock price a bit. Down again today.

  2. I agree with the article that any Apple watch will be a classic timeless (no pun) design. I wouldn’t doubt they also bring in an award winning watch/fashion designer. This is where Pebble failed. This is where most of the renderings I have seen fail. No matter what the capabilities of the gadget, people are going to have to feel good about “wearing” it. It’s about great design.

  3. I agree with the article and wouldn’t be surprised if Apple brought in an award winning watch designer besides Ive’s himself to work on it. More than anything, It’s about great design. Regardless of it’s capabilities as a gadget, people have to feel good about “wearing” it. and has to look great 5 years from now. It has to be made of great materials. That’s where the Pebble failed. And that’s where most of the renderings I have seen so far fail.

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