Will Apple envy wreck Samsung?

“Samsung is tired of watching Apple run away with most of the money in mobile,” Mike Elgan writes for Computerworld. “Now, the Korean giant is making a big play to become like Apple — a company that makes not only the hardware, but also the software and the store where you buy stuff.”

“Samsung also wants to be like Google and make money from mobile advertising,” Elgan writes. “In order to own the software platform that powers its phones, Samsung needs to drop Android. But can Samsung pull this off without wrecking a good thing?”

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      1. Take a good look at the Galaxy Note II TV advert. The slogan is “Be Creative”. But all the phone user is doing is a lot of copying & pasting. Copying & pasting seems to be heavily ingrained in the Samsung culture.

        Regarding the size of the Note II. Remember those SNL skits making fun of the shrinking size of the iPods? I would love to see SNL poking fun at Samsung for the increasing size of their phones. Starting with a Note II, then a 7″ tablet, then a 10″, and finally a 40″ TV held to the ear to make a phone call.

        1. Phew! The real reason why they are making their phones larger is that they can’t miniaturize stuff the way Apple can. But they are telling everyone that bigger size is a feature!

          1. Samsung is filling it’s corporate coffers selling Apple knockoffs. Apparently, the only strategy that Apple can use to halt Samsung is to start selling products that are so poorly designed that even Samsung would be reluctant to copy Apple.

  1. it is sad that people are willing to reward a company like Samsung that has absolutely no ethics, and would betray their mother if they thought they could make a lot of money doing so. I still boycott all Samsung consumer devices.

    1. Hear, hear. I’m also boycotting Samsung products unless it happens to be the best deal I can find. Like on a TV or Blu-ray player. Then I’ll buy the Samsung. But if ever I’m shopping for something and the Samsung is more expensive than a comparable product, then it’s no way, no how, Samsung! You’re not getting my money… unless it’s a good bargain, in which case they get my money all the time–but I digress. Down with Samsung!

      1. Good deal or no good deal. I don’t buy Samsung branded stuff AT ALL! In the last two years I probably would have spent $6000 on Samsung stuff. But I didn’t. No regrets. So Sammy lost $6000. They will continue to lose more from me in the future.

        What you are doing is what everyone does in normal life.

        1. Sir with all due respect I think you need to re-read my post. I loathe Samsung. There is no company on the planet that I despise more than Samsung; the mere sight of its logo I find to be repulsive. I boycott Samsung the same way you do, the slight difference is that I will ONLY buy their products if it’s a really good deal. Only in that instance! If, however, during the course of my shopping experience I find other brands offering what I need at a better price then MARK MY WORDS: I absolutely REFUSE to buy the Samsung product. We are on the same page.

          1. If you reluctantly buy Samsung when their products are a good deal, then you are not boycotting them. If you were boycotting Samsung, you would not buy their products under any circumstances.

            The difference that you describe is not a slight difference. It’s the difference between a mere preference and a principle.

            Like many others, I boycott Samsung as a matter of principle. I refuse to buy any Samsung branded goods under any circumstances, even if theirs were the best product and offered at a good deal.

            1. My boycott of Samsung is also a matter of principle. We are on the same team here, Alan, both chasing the same goal: to see Samsung destroyed. It’s a company bankrupt of ideas, an unethical operation that shamelessly replicates Apple the same way they did Sony and Nokia before it. Samsung is a disease of epidemic proportions spreading across the globe and I refuse to feed this evil conglomerate machine with my hard earned dollars unless it happens to be a great bargain.

            2. You would do well to look up the meaning of the words boycott and principle.

              There is no doubt that you avoid Samsung so long as they are not offering a great bargain, but to boycott Samsung means not buying them at all, bargain or not. Similarly there is no half way with a matter of principle either.

              I’m not having a go at you. I would just like you to stop using the word boycott to describe something that is not actually boycotting.

            3. There is no team here. People post their opinions, nothing more. There is no common goal. People aren’t rioting in the streets over Samsung’s existence. And I assume that your last sentence is of course tongue in cheek? If so it’s very funny. If not, it’s the dumbest fucking thing I’ve read in a long time.

          1. Six billion dollars profit is a lot of money, that’s for sure. It takes Apple more than six weeks to make that much! Apple must be doomed. They reported a measly billion dollars a week in profit last quarter. Toast I tell ya. How can they even live on that?

        2. I’m just curious… Have you ever or do you now own an iPhone 4S, new iPad, MB air, or any product in those lines but older models? Because if so you owned a product that had Samsung internals. If you don’t believe me, please look it up. Samsung was and is a supplier of Apple for many different components because they make the best components at the lowest prices, allowing Apple to keep their ridiculously high margins. If you don’t buy Samsung on principle, well then you still support them, and in a huge way, by buying Apple.

  2. Samsung’s problem is that it doesn’t understand Apple and if you don’t understand something, you can’t properly copy it.

    You can copy hardware, but Apple’s secret is that they create a sense of delight and involvement when people use those products and services. To do that involves a lot of work and creativity, but first you need to create the right sort of foundations to build upon. Samsung is obsessed with short term advantage. They do not think far enough ahead and they don’t understand the subtleties of creating delight.

    Samsung has cheated on it’s biggest customer and would think nothing of cheating on any other customer, especially an end user. Similarly they will cheat on Google and shift from Android if they felt that there was an opportunity to make more money. Adopting Tizen across a wide range of products ( including TVs and home appliances as well as phones and tablets ) would make more sense to a company like Samsung than most others.However Samsung makes a tremendous number of devices and will face unpredictable problems if they try to make them all work seamlessly together.

    Apple has focus, Apple only makes a limited range of products. Samsung tries to be everything to everybody and that’s Samsung’s weak spot. They don’t know what they want to be. Until recently Samsung’s efforts were directed towards copying Motorola, Nokia and Blackberry, now they copy Apple. They don’t have their own sense of direction and now that Apple no longer buys Samsung parts, they have less information about where Apple is going, so they will have to come up with ideas of their own.

    1. Great article and I really like AlanAudio’s comment. I’ve been an Apple customer since 1984 and I’ve watched them build their product line with a purpose in mind. The architecture of OSX and IOS did not emerge overnight; not a knee-jerk effort to kill the competition. Shoot, the only competition was the PC world and Windows, and Apple always knew they were better, they were the innovators. Market share for Apple didn’t seem to be their motivator.
      I bought my first major Samsung product in 2011, a 46″ LED SmartTV that ran a bit over $2K. Loved the picture quality, but the ergonomics of the remote and their SmartHub were a tragic failure. A month after I bought the TV, I got a survey from Samsung asking very pointed questions about my Apple experience, and how I used the iPad, and did I find SmartHub to be useful (I didn’t, and still don’t). I wondered if they (Samsung) actually thought they could be like Apple! I could see that they were trying to duplicate the Apple experience, and I realized that they don’t understand Apple the way I do. During the past few months, watching what has happened to my Apple stock, and reading some trashy anti-Apple comments on the blogs, my feelings about Samsung have changed. I, too, will boycott their products, as I only want to support innovation and a company that cares about its customers more than Wall St and market share.

    2. Most aggressive companies try to be everything to everyone. Microsoft, for one, is still pushing that idea. Google’s premise with Android is the same idea. They want every single soul on the planet to use their product. But this is what excites Wall Street. It’s a form of greed. Total dominance. Only one must survive.

      There’s no product in the world that suits everyone. Should a company strive to build a single product that suits everyone? I don’t think so because the product becomes compromised. Jack of all trades, master of none sort of thing. Surface Pro to the rescue. Microsoft is sure the Surface is THE perfect tablet, notebook and desktop rolled into one product. Tech-heads love that sort of stuff. Consumers, at least the ones I know, do not care for the idea. I see some practicality in certain situations of having a Swiss Army knife, but I personally don’t like using them at all.

  3. Hey! Look at me! I’m striking out on my own! Charting a whole new course! No more copying! No more relying on the work of others! I’m going to be different! I’m going to be independent! I’m going to be unique!

    Just like Apple!

  4. I think it’s a bad move. Creating and deploying an operating system is hard. So many have tried and failed. What makes Samsung’s mobile OS so good? Android is pretty evolved with a good App Store… I don’t see them getting traction.

  5. I want Android destroyed.
    Samsung is spreading to other OSes again anyways.
    Apple should buy Blackberry (aka Rim) and make the z10 Apples new low end model running iOS.

    1. Android won’t easily go away. Free things are hard to give up. I wonder if it takes a lot of effort and money on Google’s part to keep Android updated. Who knows, in time, maybe they’ll abandon it or eventually try to charge for it once it gets to a certain market percentage. Google can then say, “Pay for a license it or lose it.” Most companies would likely pay instead of jumping platforms.

  6. It’s easy to boycott Samsung. Just have principles and don’t buy their junk. I tell others not to. Many people love Apple and adored Steve Jobs but they don’t know much about how evil Samsung has become and how like Google, betrayed and back stabbed Apple.

    I give them no sympathy. There is no shame in saying Apple is better. There is no shame in being second or third while making your own products without copying your competition. Steve Jobs liked competition and was fascinated by the true work of others. He challenged others to think and avoid becoming complacent.

    I’m proud that I’ve bought nothing from Sansung. Great deal or not, they are not worth it.

    1. I think you’ll find Apple are also on a path of boycotting Samsung increasingly as time goes on. They will not do so in a knee jerk way that will affect their products and hurt user experience but they will do it in a calculated and thorough way. They are doing what they can…

      You should too.

    2. Lol this tired old rant that apple builds there iProducts with samsung designed parts lol. A series processors are wholly developed by apple, manufactured by samsung, until apple switches to tsmc later this year. Memory used in the iProducts comes from a number of companies like micron, intel, imflash (intel micron co-venture) and dozens of others of which samsung is only one. The brodband modem for cell and wifi is a Qualcomm chip, the memory handler is in the A processor and is apples design, infact when you come down to it samsung manufactures less now that 1/4th of the parts in the iphones and iPads. Samsung makes some of the displays but so does sharp and lg. Sony makes the cameras, AKM semiconductor makes the compass processor, cirrus logic makes the touchscreen control, texas instruments make the audio amps, Dialog semiconductor makes the power management chip, ST Microelectronics makes the gyro/accelerometers, Micron the flash memory currently used in the iPhone 5 so saying samsung makes most of the iPhone could not be further from the truth in fact it is the other way around. They make around 25 percent. Of those they design only the dram, some of the flash and some of the lcd’s. They manufacture the a6 only not design. And by 2014 they wont be doing even that because as I said above they will be manufactured by tawan semiconductor manufacturing company.

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