Apple accused by Greenlight of breaking law by bundling

“Apple Inc. is violating the law by packaging a measure to limit the offering of preferred shares with other matters up for a shareholder vote, Greenlight Capital Inc. said in a court filing,” Christie Smythe reports for Bloomberg News.

“David Einhorn’s investment firm said in a brief filed yesterday in federal court in Manhattan that Apple’s move would cause “an actual and imminent injury” to investors,” Smythe reports. “The Feb. 27 vote should be stopped unless Apple unbundles the measures and allows each to be considered separately, Greenlight said in the filing.”

Smythe reports, “Apple said in a filing Feb. 13 that it isn’t breaking SEC rules and that the preferred share measure isn’t as restrictive as Greenlight alleges.”

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  1. WHY DO WE HAVE TO TAKE THIS EFFIN SHIT FROM THESE AHOLES? Damn the idiot Georg W Bush who changed the shorting to this idiocy. Apple has to build its HQ somewhere else than Cupertino. USA laws are so rotten.

    1. Apple isn’t limiting preferred shares. They are eliminating the power of the board of directors to create preferred shares without a shareholder vote. Einhorn knows shareholders won’t vote for his greedy scheme and thinks he can push the board around if he makes enough noise. Right now he’s using the patented Samsung “stall on a technicality ™” technique to create enough FUD to confuse the vote and maybe win.

  2. Money is the root of all evil. I think that is the right term. Apple has made great damn products that people want and they buy them. And Apple makes money when we buy their products. No damn wonder why companies go over seas. Our damn government taxes the hell out of them and finds other ways to steal their stuff. And Mr. Einhorn is nothing but a total Greed Ass!!!!! Just my opinion though.

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