Watch out Fragmandroid, Samsung plans big push for Tizen mobile OS

“Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android have so far dominated the latest wave of mobile computing,” Kevin Bostic reports for AppleInsider. “Now, Apple’s chief rival Samsung appears to be prepping a big push behind its own operating system, one that could have the potential to truly shake up the mobile market where others have failed.”

“Samsung has already revealed that it will be releasing hardware powered by Tizen, an alternative operating system co-developed by Samsung and Intel,” Bostic reports. “Built largely on the Linux Kernel, the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries, and the WebKit runtime, Tizen is said to be scalable to displays from smartphones to in-car systems to smart appliances, and televisions — all areas where Samsung already maintains a presence or is interested in approaching.”

Bostic reports, “In January, the South Korean electronics conglomerate confirmed that it will be producing Tizen-based devices, with the first of that line expected to debut sometime later this year… That decision is said to have come in response to Google’s decision last year to purchase Motorola Mobility, a move that brought Samsung into the uncomfortable position of receiving the software that powers its best-selling devices — indeed, devices that generate 76 percent of its profits — from a company that now looks like a competitor.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Gee, that’s terrible, Samsung, having a “partner” turn on you like that.

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      1. Samsung is quite happy with their Android smartphones. They already have their own Bada OS, but they never bothered to force it out to anyone. So Google is not in fear of Tizen or whatever — unless Samsung would want to push this Tizen seriously.

        Also, all of Intel’s efforts on mobile market were a failure. Thus because of Tizen’s being tied to Intel’s power hungry SoCs, Samsung will harldly push it very much.

  1. Have you read ‘Animal Farm’ by George Orwell?
    If Samsung were to beat Google out of the mobile space, Samsung would morph into Google!
    How? you ask me…..Samsung did to Apple inc. what Google did to Apple inc. ergo Samsung will do to Google what Google did to Apple inc.

    Now tell me…How can you be up for this birdy?

  2. Ya, I don’t really see this going anywhere. I mean, it’s not like as if Samsung is stupid enough to stop selling Android phones one day and switch to Tizen, Bada or Windows. More than likely they will test the waters and with no app ecosystem it will go nowhere fast.

  3. So far all Samsung had to do is sit back and have Google spend billions on development of Android and reap the benefits.

    So far all Samsung had to do is sit back and have Apple spends billions on development and then build the same and reap the benefits.

    Don’t they know a good thing when they have it? Building their own OS seems like a great way to becoming Nokia, Palm, Blackberry, Microsoft…

  4. This will not change anything. Samsung has always supported every operating system available. Over the years, they have released smartphones with Palm OS, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Bada, Android, Windows Phone, and now Tizen. And I’m sure I forgot some more.

    Ultimately, Samsung is always trying to offer everything the market might be interested in. They’re not making bets on technologies, and they didn’t change the destiny of any of those OSs they used in the past. They just follow market trends. What consumers nowadays want is a cheap iPhone alternative, and Android is still the most popular choice in that regard.

    1. Very sensible analysis. I still own Samsung audio equipment built in the 1970s. They are a cartel, more like a dynasty, that persists through generations in Korea, favored by a corrupt government and motivated purely by a will to power. Unconstrained by regulations or ethics, it has the tools to challenge any opposition. We’re all beginning to understand: you can win with that.

      1. “you can win with that.”
        …. in the short term.

        Longer term success depends on a lot of other factors which are not so easily copied.

        My reading of how Samsung is currently operating is that they are spending hugely disproportionate amounts on advertising and promotion and this level of spending is unsustainable. They do not release sales figures ( but allow analysts to estimate sales figures ) and they can switch revenues and expenses between departments to create a false impression of how well a given division is performing.

        There is usually a certain amount of smoke and mirrors surrounding financial results, but Samsung uses enough smoke to cover the far east with fog and enough mirrors to cover the world’s biggest glitter ball.

  5. Smart appliances, and televisions?

    So, you can buy a phone from Samsung today knowing Samsung is trying to obsolete your phone with their own upcoming OS, or you can wait for Samsung’s dishwater OS ported over to a phone.

    Some choice.

  6. If Samsung puts all its eggs in this Tizen OS, it will fall far, far behind Apple. Samsung’s problem at this point is that it helped push Android to a high market share, and therefore developers look to produce apps for it.

    Tizen will have virtually zero apps and probably less interest from consumers to switch. Consumers have already spent money and are invested in either Android or iOS; to switch now to Tizen would mean starting over with a lot of apps, most of which would not even be available for Tizen.

    Please Samsung, take the plunge. Apple would love to Taser . . . er, Tizen . . . you.

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