Apple execs, Turkish president in talks to supply 15 million students with iPads in $4.5 billion deal

“Apple is reportedly in talks with Turkish officials regarding a $4.5 billion deal to supply its tablet to the nation’s 15 million students,” Trevor Mogg reports for Digital Trends.

“With so much attention given to Apple’s expansion plans in China, it’s sometimes easy to forget that the company which brought us the iPhone and iPad would actually very much like to dominate the mobile market of not just Asia’s most populous nation, but of all countries on the planet,” Mogg reports. “As part of this push, the company is apparently in the midst of trying to secure a deal to supply Turkey’s 15 million school children with tablets – a deal that could be worth as much as $4.5 billion.”

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Eric Slivka reports for MacRumors, “Apple executives including vice president for education John Couch met with Turkish president Abdullah Gül today to discuss several issues… Also discussed was the layout of the older Turkish ‘F-keyboard’ on iOS devices, which has several keys located in the wrong positions.”

“Apple has been making a significant push in Turkey, launching the iTunes Store for music and movies there in December and hiring for future retail stores in the country,” Slivka reports.

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MacDailyNews Take: You know, because Apple has no room left for growth.

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  1. That would be $300 per iPad. Plus Turkey get a new keyboard layout, faster introductions of products and new Apple store.

    Not a bad deal for Turkey. Apple wins too.

    1. Wrong way to do the math, though understandably easy. There’d be a whole lot of supporting material going into that, perhaps wireless, perhaps AppleTVs, professional services, configuration and mobile device management servers… My bet is on iPad mini.

    2. According to what I read, the Turkish president personally asked Tim Cook about the keyboard when he was on visit last year in Cupertino. Tim Cook promised him to look into that. 9 months later nothing has happened… Apple’s international teams are very often second rate, and the state of several of their international iOS keyboard is a testament to that.

  2. I recall reading that Turkey was tying the tablet purchase to some sort of domestic production requirements. They don’t want to just ship $4.5B overseas to buy hardware. I’m guessing it’s a pretty complicated deal. Lucky the US got some domestic production crumbs before Turkey came along. We only spend $40 or 50 Billion a year.

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