iMac ship times slip again in Europe on supply issues; U.S. retailers shipping all models

“Estimated shipping times for Apple’s thinner iMac continue to slip, as the 27-inch model is now advertised to arrive in Europe in 4 to 6 weeks, while the 21.5-inch model has been delayed to between 3 and 4 weeks,” AppleInsider reports.

“The delays do not yet affect Apple’s U.S. online store, though if recent trends are any indication, the new estimated shipping times will be reflected in the company’s American store in due time,” AppleInsider reports. “Continued setbacks for the iMac also cast into doubt a recent rumor that claimed Apple’s suppliers had solved their production problems. However, some 21.5- and 27-inch iMac units did begin trickling into Apple’s reseller channels last week.”

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MacDailyNews Take: iMac (Late 2012).

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  1. To be expected considering you are getting a cutting edge computer with new manufacturing technologies. If it were a Dell or something, it would be a different story.

    1. This is ABSOLUTELY NOT “To be expected”.

      These things were about announced 3 1/2 months ago. With shipping dates (not delivery dates) up to 1 1/2 months from now, that’s about 5 months with either no iMac or shipping problems.

      Over the last 3+ years the average lifespan of a new model iMac has been less than 12 months. Five months is over 40% of that time.

      So your telling us that Apple screwing 40% of a product cycle is “To be expected”?


      1. If you can make them any faster, be my guest.

        Apple also said there would be constraints for the first quarter before the model was even introduced, so yes, it is expected.

        1. Bill, it isn’t that Apple didn’t announce possible problems with production it’s that Apple let the supply of existing iMacs dry up. That is a huge blunder. You just can’t make that type of a mistake Bill. They not only lost sales but they pissed off a lot of people who would have purchased existing iMacs. I have a new 27 inch iMac. It’s fine I don’t know that it is that much better than my year old 27 inch iMac but it’s fine. They both look great. Actually the only reason I waited to order the new 27 inch iMac was that the screen was supposed to be less glossy. I ordered it November 30, 2012 at one minute past midnight PST. It was delivered earlier than projected. It was delivered December 17, 2012. But I ordered the first second that you could order otherwise I would have been waiting an extra two or three weeks. There were no existing 27 inch iMacs available for weeks leading up to me ordering my new iMac.There were no 21.5 inch iMacs available either. The supply-chain had dried up prior to the introduction of the new line of iMacs. That is poor management. All the excuses in the world can’t hide that. That is simply poor management. It’s a business, people need to quit making excuses for the company. It’s not like somebody’s attacking the reputation of your sister. It’s a damn company! They don’t need people making excuses for their mistakes. But that’s all I see here is excuse after excuse after excuse. Enough! Apple does most things well, but not everything. Intelligent adults do not circle the wagon around some company. Apple doesn’t need anyone making excuses or defending them. They’re never going to defend or make excuses for anyone on this site when they need help. Jeez! It’s a company. And this comes from someone who makes their living with Macs. Unlike most I’m not spending all my time surfing the net, sending email and downloading video from YouTube. I use my Macs. But the Macs I use to make a living are long in the tooth. I want my Mac Pros and I want them now. Speaking of Apple screwing up.

            1. Perhaps? It simply depends on price and how much of an upgrade we’re talking about. Many, many people will do just that. If that weren’t true, companies would still have shelves full of old stock. Of course people will buy old models as new ones come out. It has gone on forever. Do people still buy the iPhone 4 and 4S? Of course they do. So your argument holds no water. Again, why do people make an excuse when a company screws up? It’s silly. But I’m sure the folks at Apple really appreciate all your efforts.

          1. I agree. I wish Apple had kept the 2011 body style as an option and upgraded it to an Ivy Bridge processor. It would have made the transition much smoother and kept the upgraders/DVD lovers happy.

  2. Looks like making this thing unnecessarily slim was not the best idea since it made its manufacture much more difficult. Sure, it looks cool, but was it really worth it?

      1. I agree that it looks cool. I have a mid 2010 27″ now, and love the look of the new thinner ones. But, if they hadn’t worked out the manufacturing process, it seems like it would have made more sense to continue with the “old” form factor for now, or at the very least continue selling the previous gen until they were able to get yields up to an acceptable level.

        Missing the entire Christmas sales season with no iMacs to sell was insane, IMO. And now it looks like they still don’t have the process nailed down to keep up with demand.

        BTW, I agree with you that a matching Thunderbolt display with VESA mount is going to be great. BTW, did they work out a VESA mount adapter for the new ones? I haven’t really kept up since I am not getting one yet.

  3. Everybody seems to be inferring that Jony Ive designed something that couldn’t be built. That’s BS. It’s Apple’s “supply chain genius” that screwed the pooch on this one. There is no excuse for this mismanagement. Apple needs to get their head back in the game — starting with a end to reckless outsourcing that, need we be reminded, created monsters like Samsung who stole IP and now are eating away at Apple’s market.

  4. Here’s the real problem with the whole iMac mess. I ordered one in early December and patiently waited four full weeks before getting my 27″ iMac. It is a dream. But I am an Apple Fan-boi and will wait. Microsoft has launched a dismal OS in roughly about the same time period. Had Apple had an ample supply of iMacs, this would be a huge switcher opportunity, along the lines of the Vista debacle. But Apple didn’t. And I think they knew they wouldn’t and don’t care. They’ve clearly switched emphasis to iOS devices and OSX ones are just not that high of a priority anymore. This episode demonstrates to anyone who questions it, that OSX is falling rapidly down Apple’s priority list. If it were higher, they would have had enough iMacs ready to strike. They knew Windows Ate was going to be a mess, saw a strategic opportunity, and….. let it pass. Apple has iOS on a pedestal and that’s that. OSX will die slowly and gradually, but Apple has demonstrated it will let it die.

  5. new iMac and iPhone 5 is not selling much as anticipated in EU so the iMacs and iPhone 5 are shipped to the US, Asia and markets where demands are higher. ( this are based solely on my own observations)

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