Fusion-io cuts 2013 forecast as Apple, Facebook delay orders

“Fusion-io Inc slashed its fiscal 2013 revenue forecast as key customers Facebook Inc and Apple Inc delayed orders, sending the storage drive maker’s shares down 21 percent after the bell,” Chandni Doulatramani reports for Reuters.

“‘…The change in our guidance reflects a two-quarter shift in the timing of their bulk purchases,’ Fusion-io Chief Financial Officer Dennis Wolf said in a statement,” Doulatramani reports. “Facebook accounted for 30 percent of Fusion-io’s total sales of $359.3 million in its previous financial year, while Apple contributed 25 percent.”

Doulatramani reports, “The company, which employs Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak as its chief scientist, makes solid state memory drives using NAND flash technology.”

Read more in the full article here.


  1. 25% of 360 is 90. 90 million worth of fusion io cards.
    A card is what? 20k? That would be around 4500 cards. That’s absolutely incredible. Well, even more incredible is the fact that TFB spent even more on the stuff.
    That’s like a 100 or more racks full of servers (one card per server).

  2. I still think its funny that call it Solid State Drive. It’s not like a conventional HDD is liquid. It is a much solid state as SSD. Maybe NRD is a better name: None Rotating Drive. How ever they might refer to something else than the state of the matter involved but its still a stupid name I think. Maybe FDD, Flash Disk Drive?

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