The Mother of All Reports: Apple earnings due at market close today

“It’s the mother of all earnings reports. Apple’s slated to report earnings and guidance after the close of trading, and given the malaise towards the iPhone maker lately, Apple will need to show something extraordinary to excite investors and regain the aura that’s surrounded the company in the past,” Chris Ciaccia writes for TheStreet.

“Judging by recent smartphone numbers from Verizon and AT&T, iPhone activations are less of a concern than they were, which should be a positive for Apple this quarter,” Ciaccia writes. “Verizon activated 6.2 million iPhones in its most recent quarter, with half of them iPhone 5s. AT&T said it activated 10.2 million smartphones, with most analysts believing that around 75% of them were iPhones.”

Ciaccia writes, “Analysts polled by Thomson Reuters are looking for earnings of $13.47 a share on $54.7 billion in revenue. The most important number in the earnings release, in my opinion, is gross margin… J.P. Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz believes Apple can achieve 39.3% in gross margins this quarter, which would bode well for earnings… Margins really are the key to the report, as well as forward guidance, said one hedge fund analyst who declined to be named. “If they guide weak on margins, no EPS number will be good enough because everyone is so worried about the future that the recent past loses its relevance.”

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MacDailyNews Note: We will have Apple’s results as soon as they are available, right around 4:30pm EST today, followed by live notes from Apple’s Q113 conference call with analysts at 5pm Eastern (check the front page at 4:45pm for the coverage link.)


  1. Analysts (with the stress on Anal) are poised to huff and puff and blow out the same irrational nonsense they do at every Apple earnings report. Don’t pay attention and maybe they will go away.

    1. Tflint,
      Agree with you mostly, but its Fart and Toot, and its intense mockery when the ANAL…yst are proven wrong.

      I am just getting tired of all the crappy fake journalism that is really just hit blogging and possibly even market manipulation.

      Just a thought. At least tomorrow will be interesting. /s.

  2. If Apple is concerned about AAPL being undervalued, then maybe Apple can buy back its shares by the boatload. Everything else is just playing along with the analysts and shorts.

      1. From the ads I see you must be referring to the scandalous amount of ankle shown by the princess in the two Disney of Ice “Dare to Dream” ads on the page. Either than or the sight of a half-dressed iPhone now counts as semi-porn.

        I assume that MDN simply sells ad space to placement agencies such as, dare I say it, google and has no direct control on content or advertiser. That being said…there are a lot of ads…but not overly intrusive (IMHO).

          1. My apologies…it may have been unnecessary…it may have been clueless….but it wasn’t intended to be sarcastic (with or without the expletive). I was going for mildly humorous and apparently I missed the net.

  3. Apple should add a web page with a cutout (photoshopped) of Steve Jobs “finger to IBM” in the foreground and each BS headline in the background. Every BS headline that shows up just gets added to the background. No need for Apple to make any comment. The picture will say it all.

  4. Yup, margins and guidance are all that matters. Has very little to do with what is in the rear view mirror. Apple sandbags their forward guidance (manipulation?). Thus the street always has higher expectations. How could they not? So it will be an interesting earnings call tonight. I’m in but conservatively. Would love to jump in with both feet here but will just have to wait until tomorrow to see how things go. I have all that profit from selling at $700 so I need to be as smart putting it back in as I was taking it out. Good luck.

  5. It doesn’t matter if Apple goes up or not on earnings. Google is worth nearly an unbelievable $250 a share more than Apple, so the game is just about over for Apple shareholders. In 2012, Google’s P/E has just about leveled out, while Apple’s P/E is continuing to crash. Not sure where Tim Cook is going to find more revenue to lift Apple, but Wall Street is sure he can’t, so that belief in itself bodes ill for Apple supporters. I do find it somewhat ironic that the American market is trying to sink a successful American company but it’s been done before, so supporting American companies doesn’t count for all that much. It’s all about world economy.

    1. Actually, I don’t think the market is trying to sink Apple. Who is doing that? Why? Do they meet somewhere? C’mon,quit with all the paranoia. The stock was overbought up to $705. It reached that height too quickly. Then you had people obviously taking their profit. Why wouldn’t they, it’s why you invest. Combine that with the fiscal cliff,taxes and mutual funds having to rebalance their portfolios and you had Apple dropping. Nothing mysterious at all. Has nothing to do with manipulation. The stock has been oversold to this point. So it should have a bit of a pop coming soon. Value investors will be climbing on board. And Apple has nothing to do with Google. Or Priceline or Exxon Mobile or General Electric etc. Apple is in good shape financially and they make the best stuff out there. Don’t worry about Apple surviving. But Apple is not going to be the growth stock that it has been. So don’t expect it to reach $1000 in six months. There are other companies out there to invest in. There are certainly companies that have much more growth potential than Apple. Besides, you should always diversify when you invest. Never put all your eggs in one basket. Learn to take your profit when you are ahead. Never be greedy. Or foolish. But Apple will be just fine going forward. Good luck.

  6. Apple can set record highs on 99 of 100 variables, and the
    analysts, the media, and the emotional crybaby shareholders will run screaming SELL! 50 million iPhones or 48 million iPhones, 20 billion or 18 billion in profit…it still kicks the tail of any company on earth. Why would you get off the wave? What better wave could you jump to? Cry for more dividend! Apple should spend it’s hundred million to put up their own satellites to deliver their own content to their own TV and put Charter, Comcast, DISH, and Direct TV into their greedily deserved spiral.

    1. Put up their own Satellites and then buy Disney/ABC/ESPN/Touchstone/Buena Vista/Pixar/The Disney Channel/etc. That would provide content to go with a delivery system. Offer an ESPN subscription for $15 per month or $150 per year and yank it from the cable and satellite companies, and watch their customers start to flee in herds.

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