Switcher to Mac tells what’s wrong with Windows

“Apple will host its fiscal first quarter analyst call on Wed. and the company’s naysayers will hear if the quarter’s iPhone 5 sales were sufficient for the grossly overinflated expectations. However, I expect that Mac sales will likely hit yet another new mark driven by switchers to the platform,” David Morgenstern reports for ZDNet. “The company often tells analysts that, yet again, sales of Macs in the Apple Stores have been to customers new to the Mac. And certainly, that trend will continue, particularly with the new stores in China.”

MacDailyNews Note: With iMac supplies severely constrained/nonexistent during much of the quarter, it would be difficlut for Apple to set a new record for quarterly Mac sales.

“Of course, Redmond keeps helping Apple out with its chaotic strategies. The installed base aren’t buying the Windows refresh pitch this time,” Morgenstern reports. “I am a witness to this switch. My neighbor just bought an iMac from our local Apple Store. He’s loving it and signing up for classes. He said the machine was the most beautiful piece of technology he’s ever owned. You could hear the pleasure in his voice.”

Morgenstern reports, “Now this guy has never owned a Mac. Ever. I carpooled with him when I worked at MacWEEK in the 1990s and he was immune from the slightest hint of Mac inoculation. He was a proud PC DOS user and graduated to various flavors of Windows. He told me many times that he would ‘never, ever buy a Mac.’ But now, a new iMac sits on his desk. I asked him what had happened? Why not buy a new Windows machine? He said simply that ‘back in those days Windows worked. It’s stopped working.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Windows never worked, Morgenstern’s neighbor was just deluding himself, but, hey, welcome to the Mac! Congrats!

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  1. OS X Mountain Lion is probably closer to XP and Win7 than Win8.
    But at work, all the Windows die-hards who bought iPhones now buy Win-Mobile phones.
    Will be interesting to see how long it lasts. I just hope they don’t kill our Win7 VDIs anytime soon. It would absolutely suck to have to use Win8 for anything.

  2. Windows 7 works just fine. There’s nothing wrong with it. It is secure, fast and reliable. It may not be my preference to run daily, but it certainly is respectable. It runs fine in virtualization.

    It’s time to grow up and stop bashing MSFT.

    There are many more valid reasons to run OS X, mostly because of its UNIX underpinnings.

    Windows 8 may not prove to be what MSFT hoped for, but eventually they will get it right. MSFT still owns the computer operating system market by a long shot.

    It remains to be seen of they stay relevant going forward.

    1. I’m sorry to bring down your love for windows but all the SERIUS people, I’m talking about the enterprise (not people in love with microsoft), who migrated to Windows 7 was because we receive a notification that microsoft will stop support for windows XP (no body migrated to windows Vista).
      You fell it is faster because you brought your computer with much more power and ram, but test of windows XP with half the ram of Windows 7 in typical usage (Web browsing, database, office applications) shows windows XP is faster.

      Migration to windows 7 was COSTLY because it uses a lot more resources so we had to upgrade almost al computer in the network and many programs too (like mcAfee), why do you think you can’t run windows 7 (professional, not the crappy short version in netbooks) on a old XP computer? you never read requirements?

    2. When you say secure, you mean you don’t have any (as in none) antivirus protection programs running on your machine? That would be my definition of ‘secure’.

    3. “Windows 7 works just fine. There’s nothing wrong with it. It is secure, fast and reliable.”

      Windows 7 is so “secure, fast and reliable” that you don’t even need anti-virus software!

      Ooops …

      1. Well, you do need anti-virus software, but with free Windows Defender running it’s very safe. Windows Defender should be built-in instead of being an additional download. I’m running both Windows 7 and XP in VMWare Fusion virtual volumes and they seem bulletproof. I mainly use them because there are so many free Windows utilities for video file and subtitle management that are a lot better than you can get on OSX. I’m a diehard Mac user, but Windows 7 is definitely a robust and useful OS.

  3. The MDN take is insulting. First claim a man who endured a career using another computer platform as being delusional, then attempt to welcome him to the Mac. No wonder so many Windows users find so many Mac evangelists to be arrogant pricks.

    If you can’t make your case without insulting the other person, then you have no case. One would think that MDN would get a clue after all these years.


    a faithful Mac user who understands why so many people had to, and continue to, suffer with the Windows OS: program availability. Mac OS has still not caught up in some key fields. From the limited information in the story, it is highly likely that the man’s employer or career depended on software that simple was not available or equivalent on the Mac platform. That may have changed, or the man may have retired to a less computing-intensive situation. Bravo for the new iMac owner, and boo to the people who think that their computing situation can possibly be representative of everyone else’s.

  4. He doesn’t really say what’s wrong with Windows. Nor do any of you critics out there. Your arguments are mostly emotional. That’s ok.

    I prefer my Macs, but Windows 7 is a fine, stable secure OS.

    Fundamentally, Windows works well. Having run all OSs, I’m convinced that at the end of the day it’s what you like that makes a difference.

    1. Dude, Windoze 7 is most definitely NOT secure.

      You need anti virus running constantly to stop a W7 machine being pwned. What’s the average, last I heard it took about 7 minutes for a fresh install of XP with no anti virus connected to the Internet to become infected. I’m guessing it doesn’t take much longer with W7.

      So, to be clear, Windows is not and has not been secure since version 1.0.

  5. People use to look at Apple as something that was unproductive, not compatible with anything, and when I first said I would never buy a Mac I didn’t even know you could store local files. I thought of it as a cheap gimmick user interface that could run proprietary apps and I didn’t even know you could access third part software. I assumed it was junk. All it takes is for someone to have an open mind and learn more about it, then from there it’s the obvious choice.

  6. Windows 7 on my Mac I grudgingly like as the best of the Window’s OS’s. But Windows 8 is a botched major kerfuffle and was Ballmer’s unintended Valentine to Apple since many will switch as a result of the W8 monstrosity. Mr. Ballmer Magoo, you’ve done it again. Until you “finish off” the job then…

  7. He simply said that “Back in those days Windows worked. It stopped working.”

    I worked in IT for some 25 years. My boss’s boss, running Windows 95 back in the 90’s, went through the reformat-reinstallation process at least once a year. Yes, it was that bad. Me, I mostly ran variants of UNIX, including Solaris, in those days.

  8. re the neighbor — all those wasted years!

    I asked one client shortly after his first Mac, “So how’s it going with your Mac.” Silence. Then…. “I am SO ********* pissed. All those ********* wasted years and years of ******* wasted time with ****** viruses and ******* crashes. ****. I’m going to drive up to there and kick Gates in the ******* nuts and then choke him ’til his ******* eyes bulge. ****!”

  9. Unfortunately Windoze 7 is just good enough to keep many people from switching. Also, given how long Windoze Sufferers are willing to wait between OS updates, many will just sit out the disaster known as Windows 8. The interesting demographic will be those who absolutely need a new computer and they can’t get anything without Windows 8 on it.

  10. The writer reminded me of a good friend employed as a Microsoft Provider, if I remember the term correctly, also in the 1990s. This guy was as hardcore and dismissive of Macs as they come and once called my computer a MacToy.

    Later kids came along, he coached the swim team, lives several hours away, etc. and naturally follows we have not seen each other in over 10 years. Now that all his children are in college we got together in December.

    When he pulled out a 2012 MacBook Air and iPadMini I was totally stunned and briefly at a loss for words. His experience with Apple is similar to the writer’s friend — beautiful industrial design, less maintenance and a total pleasure to use. Switched to Apple products exclusively at home and for personal use.

    This week he is interviewing in the D.C. area for a high level Microsoft position. Joking on the phone the other day he asked, “what do you think would happen if I took my MacBook Air to the interview?”

    Don’t know, chuckle, chuckle … 🙂

  11. I use ’em both. Win7 in the left monitor, Mac in the right.
    Best of both worlds is what to look for. Gotta admit…
    at gunpoint’s choice I’d probably go with Win7. Apple’s big blunders – iMovie, FCP debacle, AppleWorks (still annoyed)
    are more serious transgression than Microsoft’s dull wonders.
    It boggles me that as clever as Apple gets touted as being
    they still can’t top Office, especially Publisher?
    Too many of big steve’s impulsive whimsical peccadilloes are
    still in play.
    Restore iMovie, (I think FCP is fixed, but why would they do that to begin with?) and resurrect AppleWorks as the Office/Publisher killer it should be.
    Oh yeah, and for viewing/lite editing photos without having to import them you can’t beat Office Picture Manager..

    now I’ve committed sacrilege in one of the Apple temples..

    1. Listen I don’t know what shit you’ve been smoking but I used to use Windows 7 full time before I switched to a Mac. Even today when I have to boot into W7, it hurts my eyes and destroys any logical train of thought. Windows is a piece of shit, yes, even W7.

      If you want reasons, I’ll be glad to give you a thousand reasons but you’ll have to sit here all night to listen to them. Windows is total crap, to put it bluntly.

  12. Windows 7 is fine but I cannot move around and be as productive as I can with my Mac …….

    Hands down Macs are better built machines and the interface is easy to understand ……

  13. Macs sell in spite of Apple’s near hate for macs.

    Never seen a mac mini advertisement even with the intro of the new model. No new iMac ads. No generic mac ads since the Mac PC guy ads which stopped YEARS ago (unless you count the aborted ‘Olympic Ads’ ). No Mac OsX Mt. Lion ads. No ‘Macs are better than windows’ ads with Win 8 fiasco …

    Apple could advertise macs years ago, there were dozens of versions of the Mac PC guy, when they were POORER and sold FEWER macs per quarter but now they seem not to be able to afford it anymore (?).

    No new Mac Pro for years. Zero interest from apple for mid tower mac (between the mini and the crazy expensive Mac Pro) etc,

    Last quarter the fall of apple shares from 700+ to 500 today is due to Apple missing (idiot) analsyts estimates by around.. 200 million bucks (a relatively small number) . Perhaps if Apple had some interest in pushing its macs it would have made an extra 200 m and aapl will be 800 plus today??

    Apple after near 20 years since S. Jobs second coming still only has 5% PC share in the world (if you don’t count iPads), so there’s plenty of room to grow. Push Macs dudes!
    With Win 8 disaster helping it’s time to move…

    Many potential win switchers do not even realize apple has a HEADLESS mac mini (apple doesn’t advertise them). I’ve heard so many times people say they don’t want to switch as they don’t want to get an iMac and waste their monitors….

    1. missing word:
      “Last quarter the fall of apple shares from 700+.. ”

      should be “last quarter the START of the fall of apple shares…”

      I realize that apple’s share fall was not solely due to missing analysts estimates. But missing them (although exceeding apple’s own) was the beginning of aapl’s decline.

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