“My oldest daughter started high school about 5 months ago. Anticipating a heavy workload of writing and research, my wife and I did what countless other people do every day, we got her a PC,” Greg Bussmann writes for Stabley Times. “The purchase decision was made primarily on price, and in this particular laptop we found a good mix of features and value, or so we thought.”

MacDailyNews Take: Oops! Cue the impending doom soundtrack…

“Last night, after the latest round of hours spent cleaning, pruning, and otherwise tuning up the laptop for my daughter, a regular chore necessary to simply keep the machine in working order, I was ready to throw the computer out the window. And that was before I even got mad about the situation,” Bussmann writes. “The problem with my machine, like all other PCs, is crapware. Crapware is the gateway drug to Malware,” Bussmann writes. “It is those little pieces of software you neither need nor want that are installed on your PC… Why would PC makers engage in such an anti-customer practice? Because they make millions of dollars a year from it.”

Bussmann writes, “Mac users don’t face this issue. Apple does not load any crapware on new Macs, nor do they permit software developers to bundle it with their programs when you download them. You pay more upfront for this freedom; and that is certainly not the only reason Macs cost more, but I now firmly believe that if you take the price of a bargain PC, add in the hours you will spend keeping it in working order, you will actually come out way ahead by buying a Mac. And that says nothing of the user experience, which is superior in every way. I’m a convert to Apple that will never go back to a PC. If you are tired of all the crap, you should think about doing the same. You’ll save money ; and time ; in the long run.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Congrats, Greg, on choosing the red pill and Welcome Home!

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