Cox reveals its next-gen iPad app with personal video recommendations for up to eight users

At CES 2013, Cox Communications revealed its next generation iPad app that delivers a uniquely personal video experience and sets the stage for the future of the second screen experience.

Cox President Pat Esser was joined by Cisco Chairman and CEO John Chambers to demonstrate the application currently being developed by Cox that personalizes the video experience for its customers, based on customer preferences and viewing habits. “We are delivering a viewing experience that is more personal by putting customers in command of the content they most enjoy,” said Esser on stage at a press conference held at the Wynn Hotel.

Partnering with Cisco, Cox design engineers have developed a mobile application that will first debut on the iPad and feature:

• 90 live TV channels
• Access to On DEMAND content
• TV and tablet integration, including the ability to use the tablet as a remote control for Cox’s Advanced TV program guide, Trio
• Personalized video content recommendations, powered by Trio

“For more than a year our customers have been able to watch live linear channels via the iPad inside the home,” Esser said, referring to Cox TV Connect, the company’s proprietary app which allows customers to experience live TV on their mobile devices. “This new app offers a user experience that is unlike any other in that it is intuitive and easily activated by a simple touch of the iPad screen. The unique user experience powered by touch is inherently more engaging. The interactive content is driven by personal viewing history and individual profiles. It provides an enhanced live TV experience and allows easy access to our extensive On Demand library and authenticated programmer content.”

Cox plans to integrate all of its mobile applications into this one app, which is yet to be named. Extending the application to additional devices is expected by the end of the year.

Cox’s demonstration follows a series of announcements about its proprietary video products and services, including personalized recommendations through its Trio Program Guide. Launched in November 2012, Cox’s enhanced Trio Program Guide enables customers to:

• Receive personal recommendations for up to eight users in a household, based on the movies and shows they already love to watch
• “Like”, “dislike,” or “suspend” recommendations, further improving the recommendations they receive
• Navigate TV Listings faster and easier with additional time slots
• Pause live TV from any TV in the Whole Home DVR network

Esser highlighted the success of the recommendation engine during the presentation. Cox is the first and only U.S. multichannel video operator to offer individualized recommendations for video on the television and on the second screen. “Cox’s video product development is guided by extensive customer research,” said Cox Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer Len Barlik while demonstrating Trio Program Guide and the application to media following Esser’s presentation. Continued Barlik, “We make a point to ask our customers what they value. Our customers tell us they want easier access to the content that is most relevant to them. The investments we have made to deliver these new features puts our customers in command of the content that meets their uniquely personal interests.”

Personalized recommendations are enabled by ThinkAnalytics; metadata delivered by Tribune Media Services.

“Cox is bringing a new, personal video experience to U.S. consumers that delivers on their vision to offer every subscriber the most relevant, compelling and exciting video experiences, integrated across screens and linked to social networks,” said John Chambers, chairman and chief executive officer, Cisco. “Having been a proud partner with Cox for many years, we are delighted they have chosen Videoscape Unity, combining the best of Videoscape and NDS, to help them realize this vision.”

“Cox is on the mark with its personal video approach across multiple screens,” said Greg Ireland, research manager, multiscreen video, IDC. “The recommendation engine and second screen app are game changers and show Cox is on the leading edge of today’s video experience.”

Source: Cox Communications

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  1. As long as it is tied to a last century subscription model, it’s pointless noise. Wake me when I can watch content ala carte, on any device I choose, wherever I choose, whenever I choose. Until then I won’t be subscribing to 300 channels of utter crap, just to catch one episode of Sherlock. Paying for cable no longer makes sense.

    1. While I agree with you fundamentally, the content providers won’t offer ala cart programming any time soon. It’s just not in their best interest and there’s no compelling need for them to do so. Besides, they’re already tied into long-term contracts with the local providers.

      I’d love to be abel to rid myself of 90% of the garbage channels I pay for and never watch, but I don’t see the oligopolists modifying their behavior.

      It’s good ta’ be da’ king }8-/

  2. I guess this is different than what directv and its app already offer, but other than being available for up to eight users, I am having a hard time seeing that much of a difference. Anyone have insight that I am missing?

  3. Henry Ford said that people wanted faster horses and he thought they needed cars. Cox think people want more channels and more devices but people want content easily accessible at their own time frame. Who do you think is right?

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