How Apple’s Siri Apple can destroy Google’s Android via search

“Apple has a unique strategic opportunity to leverage the Siri product to redefine online search in the mobile space and capture a huge competitive advantage in the mobile space,” Bill Shamblin writes for Seeking Alpha. “The rapid migration of users from PC to mobile computing platforms has Apple well positioned to loosen Google’s stranglehold on online search as well as blunt the Android onslaught in the mobile marketplace.”

“Imagine the long-term consequences if Apple adopts a search model that provides ‘free advertising’ for businesses via Siri,” Shamblin writes. “Businesses would then compete on mobile search placement based solely on relevant search criteria – the company’s products, services, location, consumer recommendations, pricing, etc. The incentive for businesses to pay for Google’s mobile services would be seriously eroded, while the incentive to share information with Apple, in the hopes of garnering better search placement, would be increased.”

Shamblin writes, “Over the long term, it might be possible to bring ‘free ad’ search to all search platforms, as Siri is rolled out to computers, tablets and iTV(?), further encroaching on Google’s business model. Taken to the extreme, this concept of ‘free ads’ to sell hardware could prove to be as disruptive to advertising as iTunes was to music.”

Read more in the full article – recommended – here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Ellis D.” and “Mark Townend” for the heads up.]


    1. Shamblin’s a complete idiot. The strategy he espouses is a clear violation of the Sherman anti-trust act. Period.

      You could argue that Google has the monopoly in search, but Apple’s size and wealth trumps that. The strategy is clearly meant, not to compete, but to deny a competitor its primary revenue. That’s as big a no-no as there is, I don’t care how you color it.

      1. I disagree.

        First, it makes no sense to offer “free ads to destroy Google”, but that being said, Apple could offer “free ads” and might consider doing so.

        By “free ads”, I’m talking (and I think the author is too) about a highly curated directory.

        Google wants to charge for listings and label them as ads. That’s fine, but it doesn’t mean Google’s competitors are forced to do the same.

        Apple doesn’t have a monopoly,and it’s not leveraging it’s position in any way. Google comes close to having a monopoly in search and is leveraging that to give away Android (and deprive others of revenue).

        1. Just a thought. I see Apple offering “cheap” ads but curated ads which would not contain spam or viruses. Just like the apps store, you get safe ads and maybe even connected to some customer review source like Angie’s list or such.

          Super valuable ads, honest and trustworthy.

          Wow, it could start now. LOL

      2. You don’t understand how anti-trust works. Apple has no monopoly or even a real presence in search. In fact they have no monopoly on any product. No monopoly equals no anti-trust. Period.

      3. The Sherman Act doesn’t say help thy competitor, Apple isn’t required to have any Google app or search default within their system the same goes for the Kindle app.

        1. Siri is useless. It screws simple words up so often. I loathe using it. The google search app for iPhone has an almost flawless voice to text. It’s a shame I can’t use it for SMS.

    1. Go buy a dell streak or a samdung phoblet BLN, It is obvious from your comments (here) that you will be much happier with it. (and we will be happier when you stop the constant winging and wining about Apple, here)

    1. Android is busily self inflicting its own mortal wounds.

      (Google buying Moto, Scamdung migrating to Tizen, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and the Chinese going with their own Android forks that don’t use Google services, etc.)

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