Apple’s iPad business alone would be 11th largest U.S. tech company

“Just how lucrative has Apple’s iPad become? Let’s put it this way: if the tablet were spun off into a standalone business, it would be the 11th largest U.S. tech company,” JP Mangalindan reports for Forbes.

“According to a recent report from Bernstein Research analyst Toni Sacconaghi, the iPad line brought in $32 billion in sales last year — accounting for just over 60% of all tablet sales — and will grow 75% in 2013 to $46 billion,” Mangalindan reports. “With numbers like those, Sacconaghi estimates that would make the iPad business, on its own, the 11th largest tech company.”

Mangalindan reports, “Even more impressive, it would make the Fortune 500, slotting in at No. 98, above long-established companies like McDonald’s (No. 107, $27 billion), Macy’s (No. 110, $26.4 billion), and Nike (No. 136, $20.9 billion).”

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    1. I guess that is because investors understand that a store of other companies products will always be able to sell something and are not reliant on innovation and new products like AAPL. The limited ability of the masses to imagine ingenuity on AAPL’s scale is what seems to hold AAPL stock back.

      1. you’re right, but with APPLE net earnings per QUARTER in the
        billions, do those “investors” ever think of how many years AMAZON
        have to make just to equal One quarter profit of Apple? and they call themselves Investors.

  1. To the stock market Amazon has growth potential and have a broad portfolio.
    Apple on the other hand have already successfully grown and are focused purely on CE products.

    None of that makes any sense to me but the stock market has always fallen for companies that offer huge upside.
    Since I am using my own money, I prefer to invest in Apple as their fundamentals are very solid. Compared to the Nasdaq, aapl has grown over 600% vs 24% over the last 6 years when I bought in. Only Amazon has grown close to that rate but its profit margin is very low.

  2. The “just over 60% of all tablet sales” is from information prior to the iPad mini which killed the e-reader tablets that quarter. Just how many of those Nook and Kindle e-readers are still being returned to be replaced with iPad mini devices. None of these talking heads know Apple’s numbers until Apple tells everyone later this month.

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