Judge orders Samsung to reveal device sales data in ongoing Apple patent case

“This week U.S. District Court Judge Lucy Koh ruled that Samsung will indeed have to reveal specific device sales numbers for a variety of its gadgets, denying the Korean company’s request to keep that information secret,” Darrell Etherington reports for TechCrunch.

“Samsung has to pony up the information after Apple made a follow-up request to its $1.05 billion award from a jury August 24 regarding damages resulting from the sale of Galaxy devices after a request to have them banned in the U.S. was denied,” Etherington reports. “Both sides in this case have continually made attempts to keep their sales figures and other internal business information private, but Koh has consistently denied most of these requests, citing a lack of any “compelling reason” to do so according to Bloomberg.”

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Joe Schneider reports for Bloomberg News, “Samsung sought to delay the implementation of the order until its appeal is heard by the Federal Circuit court. ‘Samsung’s appeal involves pricing information and profit margins,’ Koh wrote. The exhibit at issue ‘only lists the number of units sold in each of several recent months.'”

“In a separate order yesterday, Koh granted Samsung’s request to delay the publication of a part of a document showing per-unit operating profit for two Samsung phones, pending an appeal,” Schneider reports. “The judge denied most other requests to seal documents from both Apple and Samsung, saying there was a lack of a ‘compelling reason’ that would require their sealing.”

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      1. Giblet, yes, he/she/it is a dumbass.

        Judge Koh? She alternately pisses off the Apple and the Scamdung camps. That’s a sign she’s doing something right.

        That things are dragging on – don’t blame the judge, rather blame the system that the judge has to operate within.

  1. So far Apple has got nothing out of the trail ….. What is her problem …. Come in it has been 4 plus months and counting …..

    The Jury ruled ….. Ban SamSung products until you figure this stuff out but to allow SammyDungShet to continue to copy and sell products is just wrong …..

  2. Koh’s not just a joke, she’s a bad, tired, worn-out Joke. She should legally change her last name to “Doh”, it might fit her handling of the case better.

    On second thought, it may not be fair to Homer for her to change her last name.

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