Apple moves A6X processor production from Samsung to TSMC; trials begin this quarter

“Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company has been contracted by Apple to soon manufacture A6X chips, according to a report from Taiwan-based Commercial Times (via France24),” Jake Smith reports for 9to5Mac.

“The move, which has been speculated by media in the recent months, is said to reduce Apple’s reliance on South Korean-based Samsung, who has been responsible for many of Apple’s chips in recent years,” Smith reports. “The folks in Cupertino introduced the A6X chip in the fourth-generation iPad in October, and it is expected to go into TSMC’s hands, rather than Samsung’s, during the first quarter of this year for trial production.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The more pain dealt to Samsung, the better.


  1. The sooner they take production away from Samsung, the sooner that the Galaxy series will get the A6X chips from the defunct production lines. There must be some way to kick Samsung in the teeth for theft though.

  2. It takes a while to turn a massive ship (or the supply chain of a huge corporation). But Apple is making positive strides in its effort to marginalized Samsung. I wish that it could have happened more quickly, and I am looking forward to witnessing the downstream impact to the Samsung conglomerate.

  3. Samsung has proved that they can’t be trusted, so Apple has no choice other than to stop using Samsung as a supplier of critical components.

    All the time that Samsung is a customer of Apple’s, they get access to some of Apple’s advanced technology and also get advance warning of where Apple is heading. Once Apple has abandoned Samsung, Samsung won’t be able to start copying Apple’s products until those products are released.

  4. The CEO of Samsung needs to perform a cost/benefit analysis. One division if making sales/profit due to copying Apple devices. Another division is losing sales/profit due to the loss of Apples business. Other divisions are losing sales/profits due to potential customers being angry with Samsung’s treatment of Apple. Sum all of this up and determine if the copying of Apple’s products was good or bad for Samsung as a whole.

  5. Yea make samsung suffer. You idiots. Only a moron cant see that samsung isnt and will not suffer. How many phones are they expecting to sell this year??? 300million. Is anyone listening. New samsung unbreakable screen is now here. Tell me one single person on the planet that wont want that. Oh did i forgetto mention thst samsung shipping has won a chinese contract to build 100 super subs worth one trillion $$$. American $$$. Yea keep fighting the good fight people.

    1. We will fight on and this is all the more reason to cut them off completely. Thanks moron! Samsung doesn’t care about innovation they just care about taking your money from rippin other companies technology off and laughing about it behind closed doors.

  6. This is a good move by Apple, hopefully the Tiawanese company can match Samsungs quality and quantity. The Koreans are a hypocritical bunch and the sooner the dependence on them is reduced, the better it is for apple. Looks like Apple and Japan and the biggest target by the Koreans

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