Usage logs show Apple has begun testing iPhone 6 running iOS 7

“Currently under development, traces of Apple’s new iPhone and iOS software have begun surfacing in app usage logs,” Matt Brian reports for TNW. “Developers have contacted The Next Web to share references to a new iPhone identifier and the next big operating system update for the smartphone and tablet devices: iOS 7.”

“One developer showed us that Apple has been testing hardware relating to a new ‘iPhone6,1′ identifier, powered by a device running iOS 7, which is expected to be released by Apple in the middle part of this year,” Brian notes. “Apple’s current flagship, the iPhone 5, bears the identifiers ‘iPhone5,1′ and ‘iPhone 5,2′ depending on the LTE model of the handset and the 4G bands on which it operates.”

Brian notes, “From the developer logs that we have seen, the app requests originate from an IP address on Apple’s Cupertino campus… ”

Read more in the full article here.


    1. Exactly what are you seeking, jaded one? What would be “revolutionary” to you? It is easy to call for innovation and radical, revolutionary change from someone else while you just sit back and consume the results of that effort. What would it take to satisfy you?

  1. Samsung s4 in 2 months. Unbreakable screen and quad boot. Able to boot to droid. . To windows to i o s and bada. Why buy apple when u can simply buy samsung and run them all..

  2. Remember stories like this next time some app developer insists your data is anonymous and couldn’t possibly be used to identify you or location to others against your will.

    1. Not sure how the two are connected. That the phones report back model number is nothing unexpected and makes sense. Nowhere in the article did it say (or was implied) that the user location, name, phone number, e-mail, or any other personally identifiable information was disclosed, either by a third-party app, or by iOS (or any built-in app).

        1. My website logs have IP addresses of every single visitor to it (and I can see a few from Cupertino as well). Tracking IP addresses of web site visitors is a feature that has existed since the original beginnings of the web (over 20 years ago). While an IP address is a unique property of any single individual iPhone (or any other device connected to the internet), it does NOT provide any personally identifiable information. From my web logs, I can’t possibly tell who are those people who visited my site from Cupertino. Based on the user agent reporting, I can see what type of browser they are using, what screen resolution, colour depth or operating system their device is reporting. Based on those, I might be able to discover that someone from Cupertino is accessing my web site using mobile Safari on iOS7 at a screen resolution that doesn’t match the existing iOS resolutions and therefore deduce that they’re using some new prototype iOS device. But I won’t have a clue who this person is — no e-mail, phone number or any other identifiable information about them.

          Most important part of it all: this is NOT a consequence of a developer abusing consumer data. Literally EVERY web-enabled device that uses a browser works exactly the same way. When you visit a web site (from an iPhone, Mac, Windows, Blackberry, Android, Linux, OS/2, whichever), your visit is recorded in the web site’s log, along with all the information your browser supplies. That information is standard and all web browsers provide it, without exception. It includes your IP (which can be used to determine your location fairly precisely), your device’s OS, browser version, screen resolution, screen colour depth and some other data.

  3. So, does that mean the theory of “S” is incorrect? Didn’t some surmise that the iPhone would get the big evolution every two years and, in the in-between years, new iPhones would get the “S” designation (iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4S, and an iPhone 5S before an iPhone 6 in 2014…and so on and on; etc., etc., etc.). Does this mean Apple is back to full numerical updates on new phones?

  4. iPhone 5s. Following the same format as unpredictably predictable apple. And surprise! There is a software update at sometime in the future.

    Why is this even a surprise event?

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