This app can make your Mac faster and helps your battery last longer

“Memory is a critical factor in app performance and the latest Macs have at least 4GB of RAM, and the new iMacs start with 8GB,” Jeff Mincey reports for BohemianBoomer.

“But what if your Mac isn’t easily upgradable to more RAM? And doesn’t more RAM suck up more battery juice on the MacBook? As to the former, there’s Appriority [US$2.99 via Apple’s Mac App Store], a Mac utility app which suspends and resumes apps as you switch back and forth,” Mincey reports. “That cuts down on CPU usage and improves battery life.”

Mincey reports, “Unfortunately, Appriority isn’t an automatic setup. You’ll need to tell Appriority which apps you want to suspend, but they’ll typically be the apps you use most.”

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On a related note, Insanely Great Mac reports, “Other World Computing announced new memory upgrades for older Mac 2010 systems. If you have a Mac mini, 13-inch MacBook or 13-inch MacBook Pro, OWC is offering memory upgrades of up to 16 GB. Officially these computers could only support up to 8 GB of memory, but using new memory modules it’s possible to increase from that limit, provided users are running OS X 10.7.5 or later… Pricing is at $99 for the 16 GB kit or $51.99 for the 8GB module.”

More info the full article here.


  1. The first comment on the App store says, “Definitely suspends apps – geeting them to run again is a problem.” Things that seriously tinker with the methods of the OS tend to set off red flags for me. If my mac is running slow I launch terminal and see why or Apple’s Activity Monitor.

      1. I was still on a PC back then and could not afford a Mac. Holy crap, this Windows 95, 98 an ME was really terrible. When anybody sees a Win XP, Vista, 7 and 8 it might be hard to understand that it could get even worse, but so it was. So glad those days are over.

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