Analyst reiterates $1,111 price target on Apple shares; says iPad mini is major catalyst

“On Friday, Brian White of Topeka Capital reiterated his buy rating on Apple and has maintained his price target of $1,111,” Richard Saintvilus reports for Forbes.

“In his research note, White pointed to the iPad mini as a major catalyst in international markets such as Hong Kong, where the smaller tablet was launched just a couple of weeks ago,” Saintvilus reports. “White says there has in an ‘insatiable appetite in both Hong Kong and China for the iPad mini, leading to further supply constraints in recent days.'”

Saintvilus reports, “He also noted that there have been shortages at both Apple stores in mainland as well as complete sell-outs at the location in Honk Kong.”

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  1. Is he the greatgrandson of the fellow who said the. Titanic was unsinkable? As we watch AAPL sink below $500 it is comforting to know it will soon not only float again but fly. Happy days are just around the cliff.

  2. Just like Zabitsky, White is at the other end. The sad thing is, Apple is much closer to $270 than it is to $1100. Neither of these guys get fired for being wrong, so it doesn’t matter what either of them say. I’d just like Apple to be priced fairly with its peers and Apple’s P/E is well below its peers and tech industry companies which isn’t right at all. I’m not asking for $1100. $750 will do nicely along with a dividend. This BS $510 is just sickening. How does Google rate a P/E of 21 and Apple only a P/E of 11. There’s no precedent for that disparity.

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