Apple App Store downloads increased by 87% on Christmas Day

“Every year in the weeks leading up to Christmas developers and publishers make plans to make the most out of the Christmas opportunity. Last year, we reported that downloads tripled on Christmas Day compared to the December 2011 average,” Gert Jan Spriensma reports for Distimo. “A lot of iPhones and iPads were also sold as Christmas presents for 2012 and all those new devices obviously need some cool apps.”

“Distimo AppIQ data shows us that the 2012 daily download figures in the Apple App Store for iPad and iPhone increased by 87% on Christmas Day compared to the December 2012 average, and moreover, the revenues showed an slightly lower increase of 70%,” Spriensma reports. “Given that the iPad downloads and revenues rose by 140% and 83% respectively, the iPad seems to have been a very popular gift.”

Distimo: Christmas Day 2012 App Store Downloads

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  1. People receiving iTunes vouchers as gifts is paying off, this is great for consumers, artists, app developers and apple itself, this is an eco system the other inferior copiers have failed to emulate

  2. In related news: a Belgian newspaper published the stats on which mobile device was used most to view their site. Unsurprisingly, the iPhone was the nr. 1 smartphone, the iPad the nr. 1 tablet, both followed by a whole bunch of Samsung and like stuff.
    The best part though: the article also said that (both for smartphones and tablets), you could add all the hits by the rest of the top 20 of devices, and not even get close to either iPhone or iPad…
    And seeing these gifted devices joining the pack, will only speed things up…

  3. The issue is simple – there already exists many more iPhones than iPads so gifts of a new 5 to an existing owner od a 4 will not lead to many new apps – he already has them.

    One researcher noted that 60% iPhone 5 sales were to existing iPhone owners. Hence a huge drop in the increase of downloads.

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