Apple’s slow and steady search attack

“For anyone wondering why, when, or if Apple will ever make an attempt on the search market currently dominated by Google, they already have,” Joe Small Cap writes for Seeking Alpha. “As you probably know, the name of their search engine is Siri.”

“I believe that the genius behind Siri was that behind all of the fireworks of the classy female speaking robot and her iffy-beta voice recognition was a search device that was immediately placed on every new iPhone,” Joe writes. “Don’t underestimate the subtle difference between a high stakes rollout a la Microsoft with Bing versus Apple rolling out their own search engine, albeit in a much more subtle and probably effective manner… In regard to their 12% search market share, Yahoo! currently outsources to Bing. However, their contract with Microsoft can be terminated as soon as March 2013. With Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer at the helm, one can only guess the direction that she will take in regard to search.”

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer (photo by Brigitte Lacombe)
Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer (photo by Brigitte Lacombe)
Joe writes, “To my knowledge, Apple has not developed a search algorithm anywhere near the level of Google or even Bing. Though it would be foolish for me to say they are not secretly working on one… But much in the same way that Apple went out and bought Siri, it would seem possible for Apple to seek an outright purchase of a search engine and integrate Siri into it… Say Apple were to purchase an underrated search engine such as DuckDuckGo. While integrating Siri and iAd into it, Apple looks for ways to cleverly monetize the search engine, using DuckDuckGo’s algorithm… In its current form, Siri is not a flagship product that has launched Apple search onto all of our computers. However, Siri’s future is immense, and depending on Apple’s plans, could become a search force to be reckoned with.”

Much more in the full article here.

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  1. If Apple wants a search Engine, time will allow access to the talent and legal expirations. Small and steady advances that are profitable will keep Apple in the game for the long haul. Siri is one step and not the end game.

  2. If Apple wants a search engine, they should just buy Google. It won’t be too much longer before they have enough cash on hand to equal the market cap of google. The day apple shuts off android, iPhone sales would quadruple, helping to justify the purchase.

    1. I suspect that antitrust regulators would never, ever allow Apple to purchase Google.

      Their market dominance would be incredible, and threaten other companies (they might even start charging for Android if that were to happen, and the worse thing about that scenario is that they could do so–if they purchased Google–not because they necessarily wanted the money, but to drive up costs on their competitors) to such a degree that I think that the EU would also have a field day with it.

      Interesting idea, but almost in the realm of the impossible.

    1. Have had my iphone 5 for 3 weeks now, am very impressed by Siri.

      Unless I slur my words, or make up stupid questions for it like my high school students love to do. They seem to have a large quota of stupidity to use up.

  3. Duck Duck Go needs a lot of work. These days, I try to avoid google. DDG rare gets what I what/need. Blekko does fairly well. Yahoo is good. All of that said there are times I go Google (4th runner up) and their search results are the best. Shame I had to drill into their settings to turn off their data dossier on me from affecting the search results. Do no evil, right? Riiiiiight.
    But I digress, Apple buying DDG would be a fiasco unless they could to major tweakage on it.

  4. Come on!

    Siri is useless.

    Just ask anyone living outside the USA. Oh, I forgot, we 250 million Americans forget all about those other 6.5 billion customers…

    One day…if I ever move back to the USA…I just might talk to Siri…until then…utterly useless. Thank goodness for Google.

      1. So. You can’t take a bit of criticism.

        Don’t worry. Not coming back. No plans to, and extremely happy about it.

        You guys enjoy Siri search in the US. Those of us outside of the US are patiently waiting for improvements in search results. And will be using other services for a long time.

        So. Be as mean as you want. That seems to be the Par these days.

      2. Who wants to come back after the Kenyan Shitturd has turned the US into a Communist Welfare ghetto?

        And see the millions of assfaces that voted for Ovomit?

        No thanks! You can stick that up your own ass!

        1. It’s as if someone took your head at birth, cracked it open and scooped out the contents as if they were scraping out a melon, and dumped the useless blob in the trash, and replaced it with a nice, fresh, steaming dump from a hippo. A few staples to hold it all together, and you were good to go.

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