Apple’s million dollar per day retail store

“The now-old Apple Store on the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, Calif. (blocks from my humble abode) generated $352 million in sales in 2011. That’s old news by now and — cheesy reporter line alert — for those keeping score at home, that’s about $1 million in sales per day. We only know this because a local tax association posted some statistics,” Rocco Pendola writes for TheStreet.

“These numbers make that $1 million per day number in Santa Monica even more astounding. I can only assume other stores in bigger cities (think Fifth Avenue, Manhattan) produce more revenue, but maybe not,” Pendola writes. “Either way, the average obviously gets weighed down by some relative underperformers in smaller cities and still-developing international markets. That’s my guess at least. And, again, retail doesn’t necessarily dominate Apple’s sales statement. The figures the company reports in geographic segments such as the Americas ($57.5 billion) and Europe ($36.3 billion) do not include retail register rings.”

Pendola writes, “In retail there’s Apple, and everybody else… AAPL and AMZN are both down again Friday morning. Do I really need to say more? Stop the stock market insanity.”

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  1. Bullshit, if Amazon had brick and mortar stores they’d be Walmart.

    Speaking of Apple Retail and Amazon in the same breathe is like comparing your ass to Kate Upton’s; they’re looking but no one’s buying it.

  2. I know it’s repetitious but Apple’s sales, profits, and cash horde are of no interest to Wall Street now that they have decided the company isn’t what it once was. As they see competitors’ inferior gadgets taking more and more market share, and as they see the consequences of abandoning the serious computer market, and as they see a CEO who lacks any semblance of being a strong, visionary, transformative leader, AAPL investors are simply done with the company. Flame away with the “troll” label but every day the reality grows. And, BTW, I’m not a troll.

    1. So Apple continue to make money hand over fist and Wall Street are still fucking them up the arse? What’s with these Wall Street tools?

      I can think of no other country—the good ol’ US of A—where the better you do, the worse you get treated both by the financial wizards and by the press. The Great American Dream starts to sound a bit hollow!


      1. Apple has always been the red-headed stepchild. I like to believe its because of its superior products that people who dont buy them for whatever reason, need to convince themselves of what they have, or use, is somehow as good, or better, when in all truth they are not even in the same league. Look at windows, look at mp3 players, look at phones, before apple and after…

        1. Exactly. Delusion and denial by the Apple Haters who keep insisting Apple never innovated anything. Wow, spectacular delusion! Even as Android smart phone share drops 10% YOY here in the States and Apple’s share increases 17.5% by those who were seduced into the Android world only to find it hollow and empty once they got there. They are starting to come back home from having lived 2 years in Mediocreville and didn’t like what they saw.

        1. Sorry 3I3c7ro, but this is the second article on MDN where you are chastising people for their language… can I be the first to say that you need to shut the fuck up, people post what they like on the Internet and if you start calling every fucking “swear word” you’ll be here a long time.

          It’s language dude, get fucking used to it. I don’t normally swear but your attitude is making me want to.

          And sort your name out, it’s shit.

          1. Android is a race to the bottom and the language that you advocate is also a race to the bottom. Apple stands for the best user experience and not the common place. I suggest that we can rise above the common place in our posts.

            1. It’s language my friend, there is no right or wrong.

              You remind me of a friend of mine. If he ever argued with someone he would always point out swear words before the absurdity of his point of view.

              Get a fucking grip dude.

            2. “It’s a language…there is no right or wrong”? You probably work in a unprofessional work environment, and your kids also talk the same around you in front of their teachers and if you go to church – I will never, ever go to your church.

    2. This new meme “Apple isn’t what it once was” is especially ironic, since by implication there was a time when “it was what it was”. But when exactly was that? Apple critics on Wall Street from all sides lambasted the company as “too good to be true”, “a one-shot ipod pony”, “no chance for retail”, “no experience in the mature phone market”, “who wants a mxi-pad”, etc. There never has been a time after the mid-1980s when Wall Street praised Apple for being the company of the moment. The theme du jour shifts but they are ever-doomed and any successes are deemed surely fleeting.

      1. I concur with you on that.

        And as remarkable as it is, through today’s rambling, ppeterson has stumbled on one slim speck of truth: “are of no interest to Wall Street now that they have decided the company isn’t what it once was”

        It seems that Wall Street has abandoned completely the researching of companies as good or bad investments based on production value, but rather has been slowly creating a system of research and prognostication that transfixes the market metrics as merely game “tokens” that allow them to win or lose for their own profit; not for the benefit of US industrial production or to investors of long term value. Think of the fictional Ferangi game on DS9 of tongo. When I think Wall Street, I see a group of Ferangi hunched over a tongo wheel shuffling their profits around.

        1. It’s very possible that day traders generate more profits for the market than long-term investors. This whole thing about analysts changing their calls every couple of months is absolutely ridiculous. You can’t give a company a 12-month target price and then change it in a month unless the company has been discovered running some ponzi operation. Things like production slowdowns shouldn’t affect a company with Apple’s wealth because they can manage to find a way to shift production gears in a month’s time. Wall Street certainly doesn’t upgrade Apple on extra production capacity.

          All that matters is sales over an entire year and not in some two weeks span. Anyway, I know they’re doing it for their own benefit and not for the company or long-term investors. Apple will probably add about $10 billion of reserve cash this quarter and they’ll still say that Apple isn’t the company it used to be. It’s dying because iPod sales have dropped another 7%.

      2. Well said Taosbob!! You gotta love the Wall Street perceived “they’re doomed NOW” followed by the actual “spectacular quarterly success” cycle of Apple. Rinse and repeat. A stopped clock is right twice a day too.

  3. As good as the apple stores are, it is the iTunes / Appstore where apples biggest revenue comes from, and this is something the miserable competitors have failed to compete against

  4. I have to agree with ppeterson a little bit. I mean if the stock market made any sense at all Amazon stock would quilted, scented, and would be sold on perforated rolls when compared to Apple. Apple P/E ratio (that’s the Price of a share compared to the earnings per share) was around 10 last time I checked. Amazons P/E is roughly 2000. That’s insane, and ppeterson’s explanation is as good as anyone’s.

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