Flying Toasters screensaver returns to Apple Macintosh

Infinisys Ltd has begun online sales of its new screen saver product for Macintosh (OS X 10.6 and higher), “Flying Toasters Screen Saver.”

The screen saver features the flying toaster characters from the most popular screen saver of the 1990’s “After Dark.” Infinisys has been selling a version of After Dark that works on Power PC Macs since 2003, but that version cannot be used on Intel Macs. Due to many requests from users it was decided to release a version of the flying toasters screen saver that runs on OS X versions 10.6 and higher.

The new flying toasters version has been designed to recreate the feeling of the original screen saver, and features all four generations of flying toasters, with a total of 29 characters and objects. In addition, those who buy before December 23rd will receive a free bonus “Xmas Toasters” screen saver with Xmas characters such as Santa Toaster and Rudolph Toaster.

The Flying Toaster Screen Saver for OS X sells for US$4.00.

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MacDailyNews Take: Finally!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dennis Heazle” for the heads up.]


      1. Anyone remember Dark Castle? And Scarab of Ra? Those were great original Mac games. Would like to see those redone as an iOS game, esp. Scarab.

        Used to stuff the old MacPlus from work into a case and bring it home on weekends just to play those games.

      1. I saw that, but unfortunately, it is really nothing like the actual very clever game (at least in the current web-based version) that was the “real” After Dark screensaver module.

  1. Bring back Utopia Grokware’s Flowfazer (by Todd Rundgren & friend!) After Dark had a cheap knockoff, but Flowfazer was hands-down the best screensaver I ever saw.

  2. I definitely remember using Flying Toasters way back when and got a kick out of it because I don’t recall the early Apple OSes coming with a screen saver. I guess the display just dimmed or something. It’s such a long time ago. Now, I wouldn’t dream of installing a screen-saver I have to pay for. I’ve no need for anything like that now. I just use the standard Flurry that comes with OSX. It serves the purpose. I didn’t even realize companies still sold screen-savers since most OSes already have them built-in.

  3. I use the built-in iTunes cover art one. It never fails to fascinate me — not the primary purpose of a screensaver, I know, but it’s fun to watch. Especially when my own face comes up!

  4. Well, well. I wrote one of the screen savers included in After Dark. It was called NightLines. I know, makes me pretty old, ehh? Been a Mac user since 1984, Just received a 2012 27″ iMac maxed out for about the same price as my 1984 128k original Mac with ImageWriter printer. Slightly faster…

  5. I was a beta tester for the “totally Twisted” After Dark Screen saver. I miss it! That was the most fun you could have just watching a computer screen.

    I miss it. What ever happened to Berkeley Systems anyway? I would LOVE to see that again. (I miss the Flying-Elvises-On-the-Toilet screen saver myself.)
    Johnboy (at -50ºF in North Pole today)

  6. I bought these and I am disappointed. There is the mowing man, and the kittens, but never the two shall meet (two separate screen savers). The screen saver I wanted most included the lawn mower mowing over kittens. I was so ripped off!

  7. i use yosemite 10.10.3 and i have selected 5 toasters, 2nd generation, 3rd generation, toast, toast shuffle and the moon. speeds are set to half way except toast which is set at 3 ( slow ). after about an hour a toaster drops off and then another until only the moon is left. wish they would fix this glitch. company offered me a refund but said it likely wouldn’t be fixed soon as i am the only one having this issue.

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