Tim Bajarin’s tech industry predictions for 2013 include hybrid Mac+iPad

“Each year, about this time, I put out a list of predictions for the coming year. I have been doing this for 23 years and over that time have I have had a reasonable level of success with these predictions,” Tim Bajarin writes for TechPinions. “I have had some spectacular failed predictions too, like the year I said Microsoft would buy RIM. Because of our work and research, we get to see a lot of technologies in the works behind the scene as well as look at the data and numbers and make some educated deductions about the tech trends for the new year.”

Among Bajarin’s predictions:

Apple creates a Hybrid tablet/PC with iOS: Imagine a sleekly designed hybrid that perhaps has the design lines of the MacBook Air but the iPad screen detaches from its ultra-thin keyboard. For lack of a better term I call it the MacBook AirPad or iPad Air. I know Tim Cook has denounced this type of design suggesting it is like attaching a “toaster to a refrigerator.” But a sleek and elegant iPad/keyboard device designed by Apple would be of interest to a lot of people, me included.

Many more predictions in the full article – recommended, as usual – here.

MacDailyNews Take: It would certainly be interesting to see what Jony Ive could conjure up. When we’re on-the-road, we always have our MacBook Airs and iPads/iPad minis with us, so we can imagine it’d be a useful product, at least to some people. Such a device would, of course, be dependent on whether Apple determines there’s a large enough market to warrant development. Would you buy one?


    1. I did not even get to the second response (there wasnt one) before i had to reply
      i don’t even have the Superthin, but knew that this prediction was missing something….
      and your response also… what about a full OSX on an iPad once the now infamous “click” takes place? otherwise an iPad?
      I think that was the prediction… not an iPad with a keyboard simply

  1. 9 is NOT going to happen. That is a stupid prediction. Most of these predictions are stupid or uninteresting, except 5. That will definitely happen (at least 100%), thanks to Android.

  2. Here is the prediction he missed:

    Microsoft will lose market share at an accelerating rate with consumers and, more importantly, with business. In fact, in 5 years, Macs and iPads will outnumber Windows machines in enterprise by a factor of 2 to 1.

    You can iCal that!

  3. The problem with hybrid beyond the obvious is that even if it were a good idea it would stop people buying an iPad and a laptop which would likely means less profit on the new device compared to the products it replaces (probably) would also mean less sales of those other products a double whammy. Not apples way.

  4. When I bought my iPad earlier this year I got a BT keyboard with it. I think I’ve used it twice.

    The family laptop gets hauled out for those government websites that still require IE and Adobe Reader. The iMac does the heavy lifting. But in terms of sheer number of eyeball-hours, the iPad, with no keyboard attached, is now my main computer. Hybrid? No, thanks.

  5. 10. RIM shuts the doors after corporate IT leaves the platform en masse.
    11. Microsoft hastily cranks out a Windows 8 replacement – a minimally changed version of Windows 7.

  6. 3: Google’s ChromeBook gets more consumer attention; Chrome laptops will gain traction in 2013

    NO. Why not? The world remembers the WebTV.

    5: Mobile Malware will be up 100% on consumer devices

    On Android. Total DUH prediction, seeing as that trend is already happening. NOT on iOS. We still don’t know what security holes Microsoft left in Windows 8 RoT and Windows 8-my-pc. Other mobile devices? Don’t care.

    7: e-Book sales over take the amount of physical books sold in retail

    Yeah, we already know that. DUH.

    8: 7″ tablets dominate tablet sales

    NO, not unless you include the BUY-MARKET-SHARE models being foisted by the likes of Google and Amazon. The 7″ versions of their fake-competitive models will sell specifically because they are CHEAP. Those who can’t buy quality OtherPads will OBVIOUSLY buy the cheapest next-best-thing. Have fun with that kids.

    9. . . . MacBook Air but the iPad screen detaches from its ultra-thin keyboard

    The problem here is the clutch/hinge to attach the devices together. It could happen.

    I like Cubert’s 10. and 11. above. But #11 will essentially be an 8-my-pc update consisting of the addition of a desktop button to permanently hide the obnoxious ‘Metro’ GUI from the user, forever and ever. Meanwhile, there’s Classic Shell

    Give Windows 8 the Start menu it deserves

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