Apple reveals 2012 Apps of the Year for Mac

Apple has released their list of the top downloaded apps of 2012, along with their Editors’ Choices for the best apps of the year for Macintosh.

App of the Year:
Day One ($9.99) – Bloom Built, LLC

Runner-Up: CameraBag 2 (14.99) – Nevercenter Ltd. Co.

Game of the Year:
Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Ultimate Edition ($39.99) – Feral Interactive Ltd

Runner-Up: Splice: Tree of Life ($9.99) – Cipher Prime Studios

See all of the top apps for 2012 via Apple’s Mac App Store here.


  1. > See all of the top apps for 2012 via Apple’s Mac App Store here.

    This link doesn’t work for the UK App Store.
    Where else can I find the COMPLETE list?
    Or could someone post it, please?

    1. Open iTunes
      Open App Store
      Go to Quick Links on the right hand column below iPhone
      You’ll get three lists of the Top Ten
      Click on the category heading to expand the list.
      Ps This works for everyone everywhere who has an iTunes account.

      1. Thanks, but your tip is for the iTunes/iOS App Store – I wanted the list for the *Mac* App Store.

        I get the message: “Your request could not be completed”
        The item you’ve requested is not currently available in the U.K. Store.”

        1. I hate that stuff. I get the same thing attempting to get stuff from the UK store. This hell is created by a combination of international copyright/patent problems and demonic marketing. Drive me insane. So much for our ‘global economy’. It’s just bits and bytes! What’s the BFD Apple?!

        2. @ Beni & Derek. Here is the link & it should connect, if not, go to the Apple home page & open Mac 3rd right after Apple & Store. Scroll to the bottom of the page and under the heading “Applications” at the bottom you will find Mac App Store. Enter all ye who seek entry, it is free!. Sorry for the late reply, was away.

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