Apple begins iPhone 5 sales in China, 32 other countries

Apple today launched iPhone 5 in China and a 32 other countries.

China Unicom stated earlier this week that it had received more than 300,000 iPhone 5 pre-roders.

Prior to today, Phone 5 was available in 48 countries around the world including the US, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea (since last Friday), and the UK.

In addition to China, iPhone 5 also launched today in Albania, Antigua and Barbuda, Armenia, Bahamas, Bahrain, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Ecuador, Grenada, Indonesia, Israel, Jamaica, Jordan, Kuwait, Macedonia, Malaysia, Moldova, Montenegro, Panama, Paraguay, Philippines, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Taiwan, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Venezuela.

Next Friday, December 21, iPhone 5 will launch in Barbados, Botswana, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Egypt, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Madagascar, Mali, Mauritius, Morocco, Niger, Senegal, St. Kitts, St. Lucia, St.Vincent & the Grenadines, Tunisia, Uganda and Vietnam.

By next Friday, Apple’s iPhone 5 will be available in 98 countries.


  1. Great! “By next Friday, Apple’s iPhone 5 will be available in 98 countries.” So, lets tank the Apple stock another 3% today. I can’t wait until 1/1/2013 when Obama’s revenge on the wealthy (stock holders) ends! There is a lot of regular pensions that are getting pounded by these idiots.

    1. If you are such a smart trader just short Apple. You can make as much in a falling stock you know. You really do not think everyone is losing money in the market do you? In every trade there is a winner.

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