Why Tim Cook is talking now: Apple’s CEO comes off as poised, prepared and confident

“Last week, NBC’s prime-time magazine show Rock Center with Brian Williams aired Williams’s lengthy interview with Cook, and Bloomberg BusinessWeek published a cover story about Cook’s conversation with the magazine’s editor, Josh Tyrangiel,” Jon Friedman writes for MarketWatch. “Each interview represented a terrific ‘get.’ Sixteen months after Cook succeeded the legendary Steve Jobs as Apple Inc.’s CEO, Cook remains one of journalism’s most coveted interview subjects.”

“But what’s in it for Cook? Why is he talking right now?” Friedman writes. “It’s simple. Perhaps, he feels he has to. Primarily, with Apple’s shares tumbling, Cook needs to calm investors. Apple has dropped about 8% since the Nov. 30 close. It’s a smart, pro-active strategy. It shows stockholders that Cook “gets it.” He understands the responsibility of being the CEO of Apple.”

Friedman writes, “Cook came off well in both interviews last week. He seemed poised, prepared, down-to-earth and confident.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Tim Cook is in the unenviable position of having the ultimate tough act to follow, the biggest ever pair shoes to fill; a thankless job (if you leave his bank account out of the equation). And, yet, he does show signs of being able to keep the crowd’s attention even though Elvis has left the building. What Cook has accomplished so far has been quite amazing. While the jury’s definitely still out, Cook has done little to diminish and much to inspire our confidence in his ability to lead Apple into the future. We wouldn’t bet against him.


  1. Tim is a very likable guy but Wall Street not only views him tentatively, they have moved into the realm of seeing him as the CEO of the once-magical company whose best days are now visible in the rear view mirror. While I don’t have a suggestion of who would be better, Tim’s PR program to promote himself as seen in the NBC piece, is easily explained: desperation for relevance. MDN, and the usual crowd of fanboi posters here, are now fully engaged in wishful thinking. Sorry guys, but it is what it is.

    1. Hey troll boy. No amount of your wishful think or damning TC with faint praise will change the fact that it really doesn’t matter what the idiots troll jackasses at Wallstreet think.

      As long as Apple has 100+ BILLION in the bank, and they keep cranking out great products that their CUSTOMERS want to buy, whatever the manipulating bastard analcysts say, or want is totally irrelevant

    2. I don’t agree with ppeterson, I think Apple’s best days are yet to come.
      PS: Getting tired of this doomsayer garbage it’s getting very old very fast. Apple is doing just fine the fiscal cliff has gotten everyone all worked up.
      PSS: Any company would kill to have Time Cook as their CEO.

  2. I’ve gotten to the point that I don’t believe anything that “analysts” write — bad or good. The most well-thought reviews have been from certain authors that “get it” — they’re able to see the big picture of AAPL. Any “analyst” who selects out one or two “negative” AAPL items and blows them out of proportion to spread FUD is suspect in my view. Call me a fanboi — I’ve been on the Mac bandwagon since 2001 and a shareholder since 2005. But, as several postings on this site have already mentioned, as long as AAPL keeps making great products and people keep buying them, what else can we ask for? The stock price will go up again. Anyone who’s fortunate enough to have extra funds to purchase AAPL shares now will be rewarded. Wish I had some extra cash to invest some more!

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