Beleaguered Microsoft’s Surface tablet flops

“Analytics firm Chitika looked at tens of millions of (North American) tablet ad impressions from November 12-18,” Will Shanklin reports for Gizmag. “The Windows RT Surface barely registered, making up 0.13% of tablet web traffic. That means that out of every 10,000 tablet ad impressions, an average of 13 came from Surface.”

“This is hardly the start Microsoft wanted. It spent months hyping the tablet, marketing it as a new productivity-focused device,” Shanklin reports. “Steve Ballmer and company held two Surface keynotes, and spent millions in advertising. What happened?”

Shanklin reports, “Pricing didn’t help. Surface starts at US$500, the same as the iPad… It’s as if Microsoft didn’t notice the Xooms, Playbooks, and Galaxy Tabs that had already failed with that strategy… There’s also the tablet itself. Its operating system is complicated, split into two desktop environments. It has a sparse app library. The device’s display, battery life, and cameras are inferior to the iPad’s. A kickstand and a keyboard clicking sound aren’t going to make up for that.”

“Chitikia’s statistics are bad for Microsoft, but they aren’t much better for Google,” Shanklin reports. “The Nexus 7 and 10 combined for over seven times the web traffic of Surface. That sounds good at first, but it still only makes up about 1% of tablet web traffic. The iPad continues to dominate, with 88% of all tablet web traffic.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Getting a T-shirt with “I’m an idiot” printed on it is 50 times cheaper, and only slightly less effective, than wasting your money on beleaguered Microsoft’s garbage with a kickstand.

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    1. I would think that we should not be too quick to guess how many Surfaces have been sold. Remember that iOS users tend to hit the internet MUCH more than Android users by a large factor.
      The Surface is pretty new and I think that most users will have a steep learning curve before getting on the internet.

      Lets look again in 3 months. That lets everyone get one for christmas, and spend 2 months trying to learn how to surf with it. Then we can gloat with glee…

      Just a thought,

      1. The point of it is advertisers and people who sell stuff are gonna like Apple’s offerings a lot more where they get results. Not people who buy Internet devices and then barely use them for that purpose or buy software for it. Apple users are king in mobile consumption.

      2. If you’re not going to use a Surface to get on the internet, what else are you going to use it for? Android is not a fair comparison because there are other uses for Android phones such as using it as a phone, texting device, horse suppository, etc.

        1. Hey – now don’t you go forgetting that the Surface doubles up as a skateboard – you can also multi-task by dancing with one while snapping a keyboard into place (just make sure you find one without the exposed wiring – you get tangled up while skating and smack! -straight into stationary objects).

          I hear that the kickstand can act as a brake in skateboard mode but there’s absolutely NO control…its either fully off or fully on, thats it. The digital brake – invented by Microsoft. Too bad brakes are completely analogue devices but they never could understand this stuff.

        2. Why doesn’t anyone get it? The Surface is clearly being positioned as a musical instrument. Just look at the percussion choruses accompanying the break dancing and Broadway choreography.

      3. It should be a no-brainer to surf the internet on any tablet. Why should it be made difficult to do? Microsoft should have all the resources to make it easy to do, no excuses.

      4. Don’t forget the Surface doesn’t have 3G/4G, so it is also limited to WiFi connections. That really limits portability usefulness.

        However, the stats don’t lie — there are very, very few Surface tablets surfing the internet. Which means there are very, very, very few Surface tablets in use.

  1. “Your momma got a peg leg with a kickstand.” They are canes for the too old or the too young. Weakness needs to lean. Strength stands on its own. Apple innovates. The rest steal, knock off, by nature they are weak, and thus needing of the kickstand – literally and figuratively.

    1. ….and when they are using it they are using it like a laptop – never using it as a tablet – which it is supposed to be…. They run around looking for a flat surface to put it down on to use it.

  2. The comments on the article site are, predictably, stupid:
    “Erry one I know is waiting for Surface Pro” or “All my tech friends use Android tablets”. Yes, your personal observations trump actual real data. I guess living in an alternate, fact free universe is not limited to politics anymore.

  3. Just chatted with a friend. Apparently Gates was at a rip-off MS store in NJ yesterday hawking the goods. The place was pretty much empty and Gates wasn’t having much luck. My friend said to his wife, “Look, it’s Bill Gates.” She just kept walking.

    1. Hey BMWT — PRICELESS! Did your friend mention whether Bill was actually DOING anything with the Surface, or was he just waving it around and attaching the cover? 🙂

  4. But it makes a clicking sound, how can it not be selling? And there are dancing people.
    With this auspicious start MSFT will soon be hosting a funeral for the iPad cuz, “Herp Derp”.

  5. I loved seeing the Surface and the iPad appearing on two shows last Thursday. Quite telling.

    On Elementary, Sherlock wanted to do a search. Obviously MS paid for product placement because while he was sitting on a comfortable chair he had to: place a long, think folder on his lap to act as a desktop, click the keyboard on to the Surface, open the kickstand (both with a loud click) and finally, start typing his search query into bing using the loud, attached keyboard. He look silly but I bet MS pad bing for it.

    On The Neighbors the iPad was mentioned. It was the main item. N the kids wish list. When the aliens opened it they though it was a bike and used it like a Frisbee. The human kid was horrified that his iPad was being tossed around. Then, when the Etch-A-Sketch was opened the aliens thought it was the iPad. He started talking into it asking Siri all kinds of complicated questions and to do things for him. The tweat he made on the EAS was priceless. At the end, still talking into the EAS and not getting any response he almost gave up and said he would get a Kindle. That lasted about two seconds until he realized that even an EAS was better than a kindle asking Siri – “does this suit make my butt look fat”

  6. Maybe this is the reason Microsoft leaked the Office for iPad. They can see their cash cow drying up. Then the matter of the percentage from the App Store of 30 perent that Microsoft would like to reduce or make null for Office subscriptions.

    You know Ballmer and Microsoft, allow others to pay for their mistakes if any way possible.

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